J. David Griffin Award for Superior Teaching–Dr. Keith Hebert 


Hellen J. Jackson Undergraduate Paper Award–Kevin Walls,

for his paper The My Lai Massacre      


Albert S. Hanser Graduate Paper Award–Will Avery,

for his paper Lyrics of Labor: Gastonia, 1929


W. Cope Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Fund–Charles Lott, Jr


Elizabeth Leonard Parker Award for Historical Writing–Dusty Marie Dye,

for her paper "To be Buried in a Decent, Christian-Like Manner:"

Funerals in Colonial Georgia, 1733-1763 


Vachel Davis Whatley Scholarship–Ryan McAnally


Abraham Baldwin Chapter of The National Society of The Daughters of the

American Revolution (NSDAR) American History Award--Kristen Griffen


Kennedy History Graduate Award of Excellence–Amanda Jirka 


Theodore B. Fitz-Simons Public History Award–Dusty Marie Dye 


Thomas A. Herndon, Jr. Award-Stephanie N. Thomas


Robert Ray and Bula Adams Claxton Memorial Scholarship--Cecilie Nichole Fowler



Phi Alpha Theta Inductees:

Sara K. Berry, ZeKeyshia Cannon, Guy S. Fullerton, Jr.,

Michael Haigwood Goodroe, Kristen L. Griffin, Robert C Huiet, Jason T. Kennedy, Candice H. Larson, Charles A. Lott, Tiffany L. Luoma, Lauren Miller, Nicholas Oster, Kyle Owenby, Jennifer M. Reid, Christopher Rosser