History Club Paper Competition Guidelines


  1. Papers submitted may concern any historical topic, but must substantially utilize historical methodology. The paper must be twelve to fifteen pages in length (not including title page, endnotes, or bibliography). It must be typed, double spaced, and include endnotes and a bibliography that conform to the Chicago Manual of Style or Kate Turabian's Guide to Writers.

  2. The writer's name, address, and telephone number must be listed only on the title page.


  1. Three copies of each paper must be submitted to the History Club advisor before February 1.


  1. Judging will be the responsibility of a special committee of three history department members, one an Americanist, one a European specialist, and one "third world". Their selections will be based on how well the papers meet these criteria: coverage of a well-defined topic or thesis, writing style, originality, use of sources, overall quality.


  1. The winning undergraduate writer will receive The Hellen J. Jackson Undergraduate Paper Award, and a $100 prize.


  1. The winning graduate student writer will receive The Albert S. Hanser Graduate Paper Award, and a $100 prize.


The competition is open only to History Club members. Those interested in joining the History Club should contact a member of the club, a faculty member, or the departmental manager. Dues are $5.00 annually


If you wish to compete for the The Hellen J. Jackson Undergraduate Paper Award or The Albert S. Hanser Graduate Paper Award, and believe you meet the qualifications, please write a letter addressed to The Department of History Awards Committee, and submit them to Elmira Eidson, the Department Manager, in TLC 3200 no later than February 1. The letter should be limited to one page, and should summarize your qualifications for the award for which you are applying. Please include an address, telephone number, and social security number.


If you apply for more than one award, please prepare separate and specific letters for each application.