Tour Banning Mill

Click on each of the three floors on either picture to see images inside the mill and learn about the cotton manufacturing process that occurred at Banning.

Banning Cotton Mill, 1999

This photograph was taken in 1999 right before restoration work on the outer walls began. The picker room is to the far left and the fourth floor, shown below, was destroyed sometime between 1900 and 1906. Initially, the process of rope twisting took place on the fourth floor between 1885 and 1889. Rope twisting is similar to spinning, except the machine rolls do not turn, but grip the multiple strands of single-ply yarn and feed them at a controlled rate. The twisters are set to deliver the correct twist through careful calculations. The process is to make certain that the lengths of yarn are produced without knots. In 1895 the twisting process was moved to the first floor while the fourth floor was used as an attic before is dist ruction sometime between 1900 and 1906.

Banning Cotton Mill, turn-of-the-century