Dr. Keith Bohannon


(Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2001; Associate Professor)

U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction; Southern U.S. History; Georgia History


Keith has completed his dissertation on the Northeast Georgia mountains during the late antebellum and Civil War years. He is co-editor of a volume entitled, A Georgian with "Old Stonewall" in Virginia: The Letters of Ujanirtus Allen, Company F, 21st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (LSU Press, 1998) and the author of numerous published essays.



Office: TLC 3247

Phone: 678-839-6045
E-mail: kbohanno@westga.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Spring 2016 Syllabi and Materials


History 4454: Jacksonian America

History 2111: US History to 1877


Past Course Offerings and Syllabi


History 2111H: American History to 1877 (Fall 2015)

History 6687: Civil War (Fall 2015)

History 4476: The Old South (Spring 2015)

History 4474: History of Georgia (Fall 2014)

History 5474: History of Georgia (Fall 2014)

History 4455: The Civil War Era (Spring 2014)

History 4474: History of Georgia (Summer 2013)

History 5454: Jacksonian America (Fall 2011)

History 5455: The Civil War Era (Fall 2010)