History 1112: World History Since 1500 Course Website

Maymester 2010

Dr. Elaine MacKinnon

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Course Syllabus


Additional Readings


How to Read a Primary Source

Christopher Columbus, “Letter to Lord Raphael Sanchez, 14 March 1493”

“An Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico”

Bartoleme de la Casas, “A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies”

May 19th Reading on Coffee

“Chinese Mandate of Heaven”
Père du Halde: “The Chinese Educational System,” 1575
“The Chinese Rites Controversy, 1715”

“Olaudah Equiano Recalls the Middle Passage”

Galileo Galilei: “Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany, 1615”
“The Crime of Galileo: Indictment and Abjuration of 1633”
Voltaire: “A Treatise on Toleration, 1763"

“The Life of the Industrial Worker in Nineteenth-Century England”

Rudyard Kipling’s The White Man’s Burden
The Berlin Conference: The General Act of Feb. 26, 1885
Report of British Consul Roger Casement on Administration of the Congo Free State

Siegfried Sassoon: Attack 
Donald Fraser, Canadian Expeditionary Force: Selections My Daily Journal, 1915-1916
Edward Rickenbacker’s Memoir, Fighting the Flying Circus, “Downing My First Hun”

“The Nanking Massacre, 1937”
“Nagasaki Journey: the Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata”
“Hermann Friedrich Graebe: Account of Holocaust Mass Shooting, 1942”

“UN: Declaration on Granting Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, 1960"
Jawaharlal Nehru: Marxism, “Capitalism and Non-Alignment”
“Afro-Asian Solidarity and the World Mission of the Peoples of Africa and Asia,” 1957

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust


Visual Sources

Vistas: Visual Culture in Spanish America, 1520-1820



Topkapi Palace


Virtual visit of Goree Island, Senegal


Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record


World War I: A Summons to Comradeship: World War I and II Posters

Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandria Images

Photographs of the Russian Empire before WWI