POLS 4402/HIST 4485: Russian Politics Spring 2010

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Course Syllabus

Group Project Guidelines

Guidelines for Research Essay



Russian Analytical Digest

Constitution of 1993

On-line sources for following news in Russia

"Taking the R out of BRIC: How the Economic Downturn Exposed Russia's Weaknesses"


Video Clips

Russian Police Officer Pt. 1

“I want a man like Putin”

Vladimir Putin & Dmitry Medvedev Dance 2010 New Year Cartoon Duet on Russian TV



February 2-9, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin, chapters 3-4


February 23-25 from the Russian Analytical Digest: N0 32: Russia After the Duma Elections; and also No. 72: History Writing and National Myth-Making in Russia