Dr. Molly McCullers



(Ph.D., Emory, 2012; Assistant Professor)

Africa, Gender/Masculinity, Environmental History, Race and Identity, Genocide, Memory, Ethnicity, Apartheid, and Advertising


Dr. McCullers' research focuses on water and identity politics in rural Namibia during
apartheid. Her current project investigates the ways in which global
decolonization and apartheid became entwined with historical discourses and
local competitions for scarce natural resources as well as struggles to define and achieve ethnic identities and dominant masculinities. She is also currently researching the culture of the itinerant bore-men and water finders in southern Africa as well as advertising during the apartheid era.


Office: TLC 3225

Phone: 678-839-6046
E-mail: mmcculle@westga.edu


Curriculum Vitae



Spring 2015 Course Syllabi


HIST 1112: World History Since 1500

HIST 4424: Apartheid and the New South Africa




Past Courses


HIST 3318: Africa through the Era of the Slave Trade (Fall 2014)

HIST 4385: The Making of Modern Africa (Spring 2014)