Dr. Keith Hebert


(Ph.D., Auburn University, 2007; Assistant Professor;

Co-Director, Center for Public History) Public History, Civil War and Reconstruction, and Georgia History


Dr. Hebert is currently writing a history of the Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan in Georgia. He also offers a variety of public history courses including Oral History, State and Local History, Archival Theory and Practice, and History and New Media.


Phone: 678-839-6047

email: khebert@westga.edu



Curriculum Vitae



History 2111-NO2: US History to 1500 (100% Online)

History 2111-08: US History to 1500 (hybrid)

History 2111-02: US History to 1500 (coming soon)

History 4475: Southern Families and Communities

History 5475: Southern Families and Communities





Past Course Offerings and Syllabi

History 4474: History of Georgia (Spring 2013)

History 5474: History of Georgia (Spring 2013)

History 6687: Public History Graduate Seminar (Spring 2013)

History 2112: U.S. History Website (Fall 2012)

History 4402/5402: Introduction to Archives Website (Fall 2012)

HIST 4474/5474: History of Georgia Course Website (Fall 2011)

HIST 4401/5401: Oral History Course Website (Fall 2011)

HIST 2302: Methodology Course Website (Fall 2011)

History 4485/5485: Digital History and New Media Course Website (Spring 2011)

History 6481: History of the American South before 1861 Course Website (Spring 2011)

Course Website for History 2303: Methodology (Summer 2010: Session II)

History 4481: History of Appalachia (Fall 2010)

2111: U.S. History I (Spring 2009)