Dr. Charles Lipp


(Ph.D., University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 2004, Associate Professor) Early Modern Europe, Early Modern France, Atlantic World


Dr. Lipp's research explores issues of early modern European social and political development.  After having had published several pieces on those matters, he is finishing his first book, A Portrait of Small-State Nobility: The Family de Mahuet of Lorraine, 1599 - 1737.  Work on his second project, an examination of political alternatives in early modern Europe, including exiled courts and pretenders, has already begun.


Phone: 678-839-6039

Email: clipp@westga.edu


Curriculum Vitae



Fall 2015 Courses and Materials


HIST 1111: World History to 1500

A Brief Overview of Writing for Hist 1111

HIST 4436: French Revolution

HIST 6686: French America


Past Course Offerings and Syllabi


HIST 4285: France Before the Revolution (Fall 2014)

HIST 5285: France Before the Revolution (Fall 2014)

HIST 4485: The Enlightenment (Spring 2014)

HIST 6699: Thesis Colloquium (Spring 2014)

HIST 4412: The Reformations (Fall 2013)

HIST 6684: Historiography (Fall 2013)

History 5413: The Atlantic World Core (Spring 2013)

XIDS 2300: Introduction to Canadian Studies (Spring 2012)

HIST 4230: War, State, and Society in Early Modern Europe (Fall 2012)

HIST 5230: War, State, and Society in Early Modern Europe (Fall 2012)

HIS 4437: France Since 1815 (Spring 2011)

HIS 4485: French America (Spring 2010)

HIS 5485: French America (Spring 2010)

HIS 1111H: World Civilization I (to 1500) (Spring 2010)

HIS 6686: Early Modern Europe (Fall 2010)

HIS 4436: French Revolution (Spring 2009)

HIS 5436: French Revolution (Spring 2009)