Dr. Ann McCleary


(Ph.D., Brown 1996; Professor; Director, Center for Public History)

American Women, Early American History, American

Architecture, American Material Culture


Dr. McCleary’s research interests focus on American social and cultural history, especially material culture, vernacular architecture, women’s history, rural history, American folklife, and oral history. She has written numerous articles on the vernacular architecture and cultural history of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Her current interests are in twentieth-century rural life; she is working on a book examining the impact of the home demonstration movement on rural women and housing in Virginia during the 1920s and 1930s. Dr. McCleary coordinates the Public History program and the Museum Studies Certificate program. She co-teaches the courses in Museum Studies at the Atlanta History Center, having worked for many years in the museum community in Virginia and as more recently as a museum consultant. In her role as Director of the Center for Public History, McCleary has overseen a variety of research projects focusing on the history and culture of the Georgia Piedmont. She directs an on-going oral history program of this region and is currently directing grants documenting both music and baking traditions.

Phone: 678-839-6041
E-mail: amcclear@westga.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Spring 2016 Syllabi and Materials

History 6202: Methods and Theory of Material Culture Studies

History 5400: Introduction to Public History


Past Course Offerings and Syllabi


History 6301: Administration of Museums and Historic Sites (Fall 2015)

History 4404W [Art 4295W]: History of American Architecture (Fall 2015)

History 5404: History of American Architecture (Fall 2015)

History 6699: Thesis Hours (Fall 2015)

History 4486: Public History Internship (Fall 2015)

History 6486: Public History Internship (Fall 2015)

History 6203: American Folklife (Fall 2014)
History 6304: Exhibits at Museums and Historic Sites (Fall 2014)

History 3300W [English 3300W]: Studies in American Culture (Spring 2013)

History 6303: Museum Education and Interpretation (Spring 2013)

History 2111-H: U.S. History to 1865 (Spring 2010)

History 6304: Exhibits at Museums and Historic Sites (Fall 2010)

History 4400: Introduction to Public History (Fall 2009)

History 6481: Social History of American Architecture (Fall 2009)

History 6302: Collection Management in Museums (Summer 2009)

History 2111: U.S. History I (to 1865) (Spring 2006)