Dr. Gary Van Valen


(Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 2003; Assistant Professor)

Latin America, Indigenous Peoples


Dr. Van Valen is a historian of Latin America and indigenous peoples who teaches classes in these fields as well as in Atlantic and World history. His research centers on ethnohistory and cultural contact in Bolivia and New Mexico. He is the author of Indigenous Agency in the Amazon: The Mojos in Liberal and Rubber-Boom Bolivia, 1842-1932, which will be published by the University of Arizona Press in Spring 2013, and several articles. His next project is a history of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico during the period of Mexican rule.

Office: TLC 3206

Phone: 678-839-6036

Email: gvanvale@westga.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Spring 2014 Course Syllabi

History 4422: US-Latin American Relations

History 5422: US-Latin American Relations


History 1111-02: World History to 1500

History 1111-04: World History to 1500

Summary of Bentley Chapter 5



Past Course Offerings and Syllabi


History 3327-01: Latin America Since Independence (Spring 2013)

History 4485-02: MESOAMERICA AND THE ANDES (Fall 2012)

History 5485-02: MESOAMERICA AND THE ANDES (Fall 2012)

History 3326: Colonial Latin America (Spring 2012)

History 1112H: World Civilization II--Honors (Fall 2011)

History 4413: The Atlantic World (Fall 2011)

History 5413: The Atlantic World (Fall 2011)

History 6686: Indigenous Peoples in the Americas (Spring 2011)

History 3327: Latin America Since Independence (Spring 2010)

History 4485: History of the Caribbean (Spring 2009)

History 5485: History of the Caribbean (Spring 2009)