History 4485/5485:

Comparative Slavery and Emancipation

Spring 2012 Course Website

Dr. Colleen A. Vasconcellos


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Course Syllabus


Equiano Paper Guidelines: Due Thursday, February 2

Douglass Paper Guidelines: Due Tuesday, April 3

Research Paper Guidelines: Due Thursday, April 19

How to Cite Sources


Additional Course Readings


January 26 Readings:

Eric Williams, “Slavery, Industrialization, and Abolition”

David Brion Davis, “Morality, Economics, and Abolition”


January 31 Readings:

Core Ideals of the Enlightenment

Thomas Paine, “African Slavery in America”

Selection from Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia


February 14 Readings:

Marie Jenkins Schwartz, “Family Life in the Slave Quarters”

Alvin Thompson “Enslaved Children in Berbice”


February 16 Readings:

Joseph Holloway, “What Africa Has Given America”

Colin Palmer “From Africa to the Americas”


February 21 Readings:

Runaway Slave Advertisements from Virginia Newspapers


February 28 Readings:

Laura Foner, “The Free People of Color in Louisiana and St. Domingue”

Kathryn Dungy, “Live and Let Live”


April 12 Readings:

Rebecca Scott, “The Boundaries of Freedom:  Post-Emancipation Society in Cuba, Louisiana, and Brazil"


April 19 Readings:

Edward Rossiter “The Abolition of Slavery in the Western Hemisphere”