Dr. Colleen Vasconcellos



(Ph.D., Florida International University , 2004; Associate Professor) Atlantic World;

Latin America and the Caribbean; The African Diaspora; Comparative Slavery

and Emancipation; Childhood and Gender Studies; Girlhood


Dr. Vasconcellos's second book Slavery, Abolition, and Childhood in Jamaica, 1788-1838 was published by the University of Georgia Press as part of their Early American Places Series in April of 2015. Her first book Girlhood: A Global History, an edited volume of essays on Girlhood in World History with Jennifer Hillman Helgren, was published in 2010 by Rutgers University Press as part of their Series in Childhood Studies. She is currently working on a new project that examines the slave ship Wanderer's last voyage to Georgia in 1848.



Office: TLC 3208

Phone: 678-839-6032

Email: cvasconc@westga.edu


Curriculum Vitae




Spring 2016 Course Syllabi and Materials


History 2111: American History to 1865 (100% Online)

History 2302: Methodology (Partially Online)

History 3326W: Colonial Latin America






History 1112: World History Since 1500 (100% Online) (Fall 2015)

History 4385/5385: Latin American Women (Hybrid) (Fall 2015)

History 6686: The Atlantic World (Fall 2014)

(Summer 2014)

History/English 3350: Intro to Africana Studies (Spring 2014)

History 2111H: American History to 1865 (Honors) (Spring 2014)

History 3500W: Jr. Historiography Seminar: The Caribbean (Fall 2013)

HIS 4485/5485: Latin American Women (Spring 2013)

History 6685: The Black Atlantic (Fall 2012)

History 4485/5485: Comparative Slavery and Emancipation Website (Spring 2012)

History 4485/5485: History of the Caribbean (Fall 2011)

History 1112: World History Since 1500 (Fall 2011)

History 2302: Methodology (Spring 2010)

History 4413/5413: The Atlantic World (Fall 2010)

History 4485/5485: Abolitionism in the Atlantic World (Fall 2008)

History 4485/5485: Slavery in the Caribbean (Spring 2007)