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School Programs

Everybody's Tuned to the Radio:

A School Program Created by the Center for Public History, University of West Georgia

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J.N Baxter, Onie Baxter and Alton Stitcher tell Carrollton Junior High students how music has influenced their lives.

In the Spring of 2003, the Center for Public History, at the State University of West Georgia, traveled to four Carroll County middle schools to present a program exploring the heritage and folk traditions of the west Georgia region, which corresponded with the Eighth grade Georgia Studies curriculum. With funds from the Georgia Council for the Arts and the Georgia Humanities Council, the interactive program brought folk musicians Alton Stitcher, and J.N. and Onie Baxter into the schools. These concerts received two thumbs up from students whose favorite songs included: "Jimmy Crack Corn," "She's My Baby," "Bile Them Cabbage Down," "Kentucky," and "Groundhog."

Student Comments:

"I enjoyed hearing older people's view of the world when they were young." "I learned that you can do things and make your dreams come true if you believe in yourself and work hard and do what you've dreamed of doing. It worked for me. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself." "Even when you are old you can still have fun." "I wish they could do it again cause it was awesome." "It is really cool that an 87 year old can still play music, and have fun doing it."

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Onie Baxter(middle)reminisces about learning to play the mandolin as a young girl to Mt.Zion Middle School students

Teacher Comments:

"I enjoyed the rapport the guest artists had with the students. I also enjoyed seeing our students how great respect for their elders." "I enjoyed hearing the older artists share their memories/experiences. I personally enjoyed Kenny's banjo instrumentals." have fun doing it."

To schedule a music program at your school or for more information, please contact:
The Center for Public History
State University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118

This program is supported in part by the Georgia Humanities Council and the Georgia Council for the Arts through appropriation of the Georgia General Assembly. The Georgia Council for the Arts is a partner agency of the national Endowment for the Arts. Additional support includes conbrituions from the Warren P. and Ava F. Sewell Foundation and the generosity of the College of Arts and Sciences and the History Department at the University of West Georgia, Airshow Mastering, Sony Music, and individual donors.

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