Public History Internship Application
History Department
State University of West Georgia


Address: (list both home and school if appropriate)

Phone numbers: (list daytime and evenings if appropriate)

E-mail address:



College GPA: GPA in major:

List up to three internships, in priority order, from the department=s current internship offerings:



If you have no internship preference at this time, please state what interests you would like to explore or what areas you hope to experience in your internship. The department can also pursue internship sponsors of your choice. Please indicate if you would like us to contact a specific institution or organization.

Please list the name of at least one reference from the history department. This should be a faculty member who is familiar with your work.

List here courses that you believe would be particularly relevant to the internship opportunities that you have requested. These should be classes not only in history, but also related fields such as education, art, anthropology, geography, public administration, etc. Please attach an unofficial copy of a transcript of your college courses, if possible.

Do you have any previous work experience that you would consider relevant to the internship opportunities for which you have applied? (Attach a separate sheet if needed.)

Please attach a written statement as to why you want to take the internship and what experience you hope to gain. You might want to indicate if you are interested in pursuing a career in public history, and if so, what goals you might you have at this time. If not, how do you expect this internship to help you in pursuing your future plans?

Please review the department's internship guidelines and sign here to indicate that you have read and understand them. Return this application to Dr. Ann McCleary, History Department, UWG.

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