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Spring 2014



Jan Ridgway, Departmental Manager




Keri P. Adams (M.A., University of West Georgia, 2013; Assistant Director of the Public History Center and Instructor)

Keith Bohannon (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State, 2001; Associate Professor) U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction; Southern U.S. History; Georgia History

Michael de Nie (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001; Professor) Modern Britain and Ireland, Nineteenth Century Europe, British Empire

Michael Epanchin (MA, University of West Georgia, 2013; Instructor) US-Latin America Relations, American History

Jason F. Freeman (Ph.D. Candidate, ABD, Mississippi State University, Instructor) Modern European Political and Diplomatic History, Early America, Georgia, International Security and Internal Safety

Steve Goodson (Ph.D., Emory, 1995; Professor; Chair) U.S. Social and Cultural, Gilded Age, Progressive Era

Matthew Hild (Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003; Visiting Assistant Professor) U.S. labor, U.S. South, History of Technology

Teresa Leslie (Ph.D., Emory, 2005; Lecturer) Medieval History, Women's and Family History, Religious history

Charles Lipp (Ph.D., University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 2004, Associate Professor) Early Modern Europe, Early Modern France, Atlantic World

Alan McClarnand (M.A., University of West Georgia, 2013) American History

Elaine MacKinnon (Ph.D., Emory, 1995; Professor) Medieval and Imperial Russia, Soviet History, Contempory Russia

Ann McCleary (Ph.D., Brown, 1996; Professor and Director of the Public History Center) American Women, Early American History, American Architecture, American Material Culture

Molly McCullers (Ph.D., Emory, 2012; Assistant Professor) Africa, Gender/Masculinity, Environmental History, Race and Identity, Genocide, Memory, Ethnicity, Apartheid, and Advertising

Keith Pacholl (Ph.D., University of California at Riverside, 2002; Associate Professor) Colonial America; American Revolution; Early Republic; American Social, Cultural, and Religious History

Tim Pitts (Ph.D Candidate, ABD, Auburn University; Lecturer)

Sandra Pollard (M.A., University of West Georgia, 2007; Instructor) Immigration History, Central European History; Latin American Studies, Foodways, Reformation History

Charles Powers (M.A., University of West Georgia, 2006; Instructor) World History, European History, Colonialism, Middle East

Richard Primuth (MA, University of West Georgia, 2009; Instructor) U.S. Political History, Gay and Lesbian History, Public History

Larry Rivers (Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 2010; Assistant Professor) African American Religion; Civil Rights Movement; United States, 1945-present

Timothy Schroer (Ph.D., Virginia, 2002; Professor) Modern Germany, Modern Europe, Methodology

Amber Surmiller (Ph.D. Candidate, ABD, Texas Christian University, Visiting Assistant Professor) American History, Women's Studies, Gender Studies, History of the Family

Jae Turner (Ph.D., Emory University, 2012) Public History; Material and Visual Culture; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Gary Van Valen (Ph.D., New Mexico, 2003; Associate Professor) Latin America, Indigenous Peoples, Atlantic World

Colleen A. Vasconcellos (Ph.D., Florida International University, 2004; Associate Professor) Atlantic World, Latin America and the Caribbean, The African Diaspora, Comparative Slavery and Emancipation, Childhood and Gender Studies, Girlhood

Jennifer Welch (M.Ed., University of West Georgia, 2014; Instructor) Early America, The New Republic, Old South, Civil War

Daniel Williams (Ph.D., Brown, 2005; Associate Professor) Modern U.S., American Politics, American Religion

Nadejda Williams (Ph.D., Princeton, 2008; Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Coordinator) Greek and Roman military history, Roman Republican historiography, Greek law





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