Georgia's Political Heritage Program


Georgia's Political Heritage Program is a video/ audio tape collection that is designed to capture valuable, but disappearing historical resources. The collection began in 1985 and captures the memory of Georgia's political leaders as they relate their roles in the state's political history.


West Georgia history faculty interviews on video and audio, record key political figures such as former Governors, Lieutenant Governors, U.S. Senators and Congressmen and House Speakers. The collection also includes audio tape of supporting interviews, speeches and presentations.


The archive section of the Ingram Library at West Georgia also serves as the repository for the political papers of Newt Gingrich and Pat Swindall as well as those of political figures of regional interest such as Senators J. Ebb Duncan and Wayne Garner and Representatives Carolyn Lee, John Simpson and Charles Thomas. The archive is in the process of continually broadening its collection. Interviews with all the former governors of Georgia since World War II are included with the exceptions of M.E. Thompson and Marvin Griffin, both of whom were deceased prior to the inception of the program.


The materials collected for the program are housed in the archive section of the Ingram Library and cataloged with the OCLC system, providing ready access to students, historians, scholars and the public. Donations for the public use of this collection are greatly appreciated.


Program collections include video tape interviews with the following:

Gov. Ellis Arnall 8 tapes Rep. Phil Landrum 8 tapes
Rep. Doug Barnard 2 tapes Rep. Elliott Levitas 6 tapes
Gov. Roy Barnes 1 tape Rep. Jamie Mackay 2 tapes
Rep. Bob Barr 3 tapes Gov. Lester Maddox 6 tapes
Att. Gen. Griffin Bell 2 tapes Sen. Mack Mattingly 7 tapes
Rep. Ben Blackburn 2 tapes Gov. Zell Miller 3 tapes
Cartoonist David Boyd 2 tapes Speaker Tom Murphy 6 tapes
Gov. George Busbee 2 tapes Rep. Richard Ray 7 tapes
Lt. Gov. Garland Byrd 2 tapes Rep. Roy Rowland 2 tapes
Rep. Howard "Bo" Callaway 3 tapes Gov. Carl Sanders 6 tapes
Pres. Jimmy Carter 1 tape Lt. Gov. George T. Smith 6 tapes
Rep. George "Buddy" Darden 6 tapes State Rep. Tracy Stallings 3 tapes
State Rep. Dock Davis 2 tapes Rep. Robert G. Stephens 2 tapes
Rep. John "Jack" Flynt 4 tapes Rep. Pat Swindall 6 tapes
Sen. David Gambrell 3 tapes Ex. Sec. Tom Perdue 2 tapes
State Sen. Wayne Garner 1 tape Sen. Herman Talmadge 36 tapes
GOP National Committeeman Carl Gillis 2 tapes Rep. Lindsay Thomas 6 tapes
State Rep. Denmark Groover 2 tapes Rep. Fletcher Thompson 2 tapes
Gov. Joe Frank Harris 4 tapes Gov. Ernest S. Vandiver 4 tapes
Rep. Charles Hatcher 3 tapes State Sen. Charles Walker 1 tapes
Lt.Gov. Pierre Howard 2 tapes Rep. Charles Weltner 6 tapes
Rep. Ed. Jenkins 3 tapes State Rep. Hosea Williams 2 tapes
Rep. Ben Jones 2 tapes Rep. Andy Young 2 tapes
State Sen. Culver Kidd 2 tapes    

In addition, the Gingrich papers are supported by over 30 video tapes and over 300 audio tapes. The Swindall papers by 6 video tapes and 60 audio tapes, and the Talmadge interview by over a dozen interviews of staff and supports.


Tax deductible donations may be made to the program through the University of West Georgia Foundation. For further information about the program please contact:

Dr. Mel Steely, Director
Georgia's Political Heritage Program
History Department
University of West Georgia
Carrollton GA 30118