Collections Management in Museums

Museum Studies Certificate Program
University of West Georgia and Atlanta History Center

Collections form the basis of a museum. The museum community has developed professional and ethical standards for the acquisition, record-keeping, and care of collections.

During the summer 2003 class, museum studies students learned about all aspects of collections management through working with the Atlanta Olympics collection. Students accessioned and photographed artifacts, prepared condition reports, entered artifacts into the museum’s data base, and prepared recommendations for packing and storing such unusual artifacts as a sword and large fish and blues musician puppets from the opening cemeteries. The photographs below show students in various phases of the collections management process.

Syllabus from summer 2003

Students lift the wings from an Olympic opening ceremony prop.

Nikki studies and records an Olympic sculpture.

Amanda documents a quilt made for the Olympics.

Amanda and Nikki take digital photos of the quilt.

Jill puts her artifacts in appropriate storage drawers.


In the summer of 2001, students also documented the Atlanta Olympics collection. Katie Anderson was the lead instructor for this class, assisted by other curatorial and registration staff members Michele Leopold, Amy Simon, Susan Neill Doutt, Myers Brown, and other guest speakers. Dr. Ann McCleary coordinated the class. Click on an image below for a larger view from the summer 2001 class.

Syllabus from summer 2001


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