Exhibits in Museums and Historic Sites

Museum Studies Certificate Program
University of West Georgia and Atlanta History Center

The development of a museum exhibit is a complicated process. This class explores how an exhibit evolves from an idea to a reality.

Summer 2004
With direction from Gordon Jones, AHC Head of Exhibits and Collections, and Ann McCleary, UWG Museum Studies Coordinator, our Museum Exhibits class ventured once again into the exciting but tumultuous world of exhibit development! This summer, our students embarked in a team project to develop and design an exhibit focusing on Wilbur Kurtz, whose passion for Atlanta and the South led to a career as a historian and artist. Our project teams included two curatorial teams, one focusing on biography and the other on artifacts; a label-writing team; a registration team; a development and marketing team; education team; and a design team; and one student acted as the Project Manager. At the end of the class, students presented their complete exhibit proposal to the AHC staff. The AHC is anticipating an exhibit on this topic in the next few years, and we hope that our class project will provide some early direction. Thanks to all of you who participated in this project! To view our class power point presentation, please click below:

Wilbur Kurtz Exhibit Proposal

In addition to our project, class members wrote an exhibit review, conducted a security and conservation audit of the AHC galleries, wrote label copy, visited an exhibit fabrication company in Atlanta, and heard talks by a number of exhibit professionals.

Museum exhibits class, summer 2004

Instructor Gordon Jones shares his thoughts about exhibits in the Changing Times gallery at the History Center.

Mike Gorkey, an exhibits technician at the History Center,
offers technical advice on how to hang artwork.

Susan Neill shares her secrets of how to properly
display textiles and clothing collections on exhibit.

Students write exhibit text using some of the artifacts
from the Kurtz collection.

Summer 2002
Students in this class explored, analyzed, and critiqued exhibits at the AHC and considered the ways in which artifacts in current exhibits could be used to tell different stories in other exhibits. They wrote label copy and learned how to create mounts. Various speakers shared their stories about creating exhibits and the different techniques and strategies that had been most effective for them. As a culminating project, each student developed a proposal for revising the existing Metropolitan Frontiers exhibit, creating a concept, concept plan, outline of topics listing major artifacts to include, and a walk-through description of the exhibit.Gordon Jones served as lead instructor for the class, assisted by Pam Meister and Ann McCleary. Don Rooney provided leadership on the Metrpolitan Frontiers project. Please click here for a Syllabus for the summer 2002 class.

Our 2002 class photo at the end of a busy summer!

Teresa Beyer presents her exhibit proposal for Metropolitan Frontiers to the class

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