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The Honors College offers a distinctive curriculum featuring three types of courses- special sections of courses required in the Core curriculum, junior and senior seminars, and honors contracts, which are extensions of regular courses. As these courses are designed to offer more opportunities for research in preparation for graduate or professional school, they are often more challenging, as they do place more responsibility on the individual student.

Approximately twenty-five Honors courses are offered each Fall and Spring semester from most areas of the Core curriculum. These courses have average enrollment caps of 16 students for non-science courses and 20 students for science courses.

Annually, the following Core classes are typically offered as Honors each Fall and Spring, unless otherwise noted:

Area A: Essential Skills

  • MATH 1113: Pre-Calculus (Fall only)
  • MATH 1634: Caluclus I
  • MATH 2644: Calculus II (Spring only)

Area B:  Institutional Priorities

  • COMM 1100: Public Speaking
  • ANTH 1100: Faces of Culture (Spring only)

Area C: Fine Arts & Humanities

  • ENGL 2060: Creative Writing
  • ENGL 2110: World Literature
  • ENGL 2120: British Literature
  • ENGL 2130: American Literature

Area D: Science 

  • ASTR 2313: Astronomy
  • CHEM 1211: Principle of Chemistry I (Fall only)
  • CHEM 1212: Principle of Chemsitry II (Spring only)
  • PHYS 2211: Principle of Physics I (Fall only)
  • PHYS 2212: Principle of Physics II (Spring only)

Area E: Social Sciences

  • HIST 1111 or 1112: Survey of World History I and II
  • HIST 2111 or 2112: United States History I and II
  • POLS 1101: American Government
  • ANTH 1102: Introduction to Anthropology (Fall only)
  • ECON 2105: Principles of Macroeconomics (Fall only)
  • ECON 2106: Principles of Microeconomics (Spring only)
  • PSYC 1101: Introduction to Psychology (Fall only)

Major Specific Core Classes
In addition to ECON 2105 and 2106, which are part of Area F core for all BBA majors, we also  offer ACCT 2101 (Fall) and 2102 (Spring) for our Business majors. We also occasionally offer special sections of EDUC 2110, 2120, or 2130 and PWLA 1600 for
our Education majors.


Upper Level Honors Courses
Each year we offer a few special upper level courses that students may take to satisfy major requirements or as electives to broaden the depth of their undergraduate program. These courses are typically ideal for our Junior and Senior students and typically we have selections from Creative Writing, English, Film Studies, Marketing, and Psychology.


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