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Welcome to the Honors College & Trans-Disciplinary Programs at West Georgia

The Honors College at the University of West Georgia is designed for highly motivated students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement and express a desire to continue on that path.  Honors students become immersed in a learning community, where they are expected to be actively engaged in an on-going, interactive learning process with like-minded faculty and peers, both in and out of the classroom.

We welcome applications from all interested students, including high school seniors,
transfer students, and undergraduates already enrolled at the University of West Georgia. Honors College students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse academic and social interests. Honors students' majors include all academic undergraduate degree programs offered by the University. What the students have in common is their desire for an innovative, challenging education that, while demanding, is often a lot of fun.


 Ceremony Held to Name UWG Honors    House in Honor of Dr. Wagner

   UWG Honors House Named for
   Dr. Donald Wagner

   UWG Debaters Ranked Among 
   Best in the Nation

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