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Information Technology Services

Faculty/Staff Quick Links & Information
General Information & Links
  • Helpdesk - ITS provides helpdesk services to the entire campus from 8am to 5pm five days a week. Call ext. 96587, email, or visit

  • Email - ( Check with your department chair or secretary, many of your accounts are already set up. If they do not have your login & password, call the helpdesk at ext. 96587. We support a number of POP and IMAP mail clients, including Netscape Messenger, MS Outlook Express, Eudora, and the Unix mailer called pine. You can also read your mail from any web browser by accessing
    (To request a new account, please use the Email Request Form.)

  • Creating Web Pages ( Your email account is also the account you use to set up your personal web pages. The easiest way to get started is to ssh to, login, and then type the command homepage_ok at the sun{yourid} prompt. This will set up the correct directories and permissions on your account & make a default index.html file.

  • BanWeb - Banweb is the web interface to our student information system. Your user ID is your UWG ID (your 917 number) and your initial PIN is the last 2 digits of your birth year followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Once you are logged in, you can find your class roles and other information. On the Class List page, you can download a copy of your class list that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet, or even specially formatted to subscribe your students to a class listserv.

  • Listservs - ( We can set up listservs for your classes or other interest groups. Our listserv software has a convenient web interface, which makes managing a list easy.

  • Scanning - We can scan & score multiple choice exams given on either of the two NCS Exam System II forms found at the bookstore. We can not scan Scantron Corp forms, but both the College of Business & the College of Education have Scantron scanner available.

  • Anti-Virus Software - We have a site license for Symantec anti-virus software that covers not only your office PC but your home PC as well. You can access Symantec Software at

  • Microsoft Campus Agreement - We have a site license for certain Microsoft products, including the Office Suite. The site license covers your office PC and 1 home PC. See for more information. (*Click here for Important information regarding Microsoft Vista.)

  • Faculty Research Server - We have a Sun server which runs various compilers (C, C++, perl). We also have a site license for the PC version of Maple.

  • WebCT - Developing Classes On The Web

  • Banner - Banner Jobs

  • Voicemail (Call Pilot) - Voicemail Instructions for the new CallPilot system.

  • Voicemail (DOAS) - Voicemail instructions for the old DOAS system.

  • 2004 Phone Conversion - Information, user guides and a search tool for help with the 2004 Phone System Conversion.
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