Janet Donohoe, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy


Department of English and Philosophy

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Office: TLC 2230

Office Hours: MWF 9am-10am, MW 12noon-2pm

Office Phone: (678) 839-4743

e-mail: jdonohoe@westga.edu


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Fall 2012

Phil 2100 Introduction to Philosophy Section 01

Phil 4100 Phenomenology

Phil 4300W Senior Seminar: Environmental Phenomenology


Sample syllabi for other courses


Phil 2100 Honors Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 2110 Critical Thinking

Phil 3100W Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Phil 3140 Existentialism

Phil 3160 Philosophy in Literature and Film

Phil 4220 Hermeneutics

Phil 4240W Philosophy of Love and Friendship

Phil 4385 Feminist Theories

XIDS 2100 Postmodernism



Other Philosophy Handouts

How to Write a Philosophy Response Paper

How to Write a Critical Thinking Paper

How to Write a Philosophy Term Paper (upper division)

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