Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2010 Sec. 01

Dr. Janet Donohoe

Fall 2012


1.  Learning Outcomes:  The aim of this course is to examine the major questions that have driven philosophers throughout history.  We will address these questions through reading, writing about, and discussing primary philosophical texts.  By the end of the semester students will be able to:


2. Requirements:  To achieve the above goals will require a new way of reading and thinking.  We will not just read the texts, but we will question and challenge the texts thereby questioning and challenging our own beliefs and thought processes.  The requirements for the class are fourfold.


            a)  attendance and class participation                                       10%

            b)  Quizzes over assigned reading                                            30%

            c)  Midterm exam                                                                    30%

            d)  in-class final exam                                                             30%


In order to meet these requirements it will be necessary to attend class regularly and to do the assigned reading.  It will be evident if you have not done the reading and this will not be beneficial to your success in this class.  Quizzes absolutely cannot be made up regardless of the reason for missing a quiz.  One quiz will be dropped in determining the overall quiz grade.


Laptop computers may not be used in the classroom unless requested by student development.  Cell phones must be turned off in the classroom.


3.  Availability:  I am available outside of class during office hours, or by appointment.  If there are questions or problems do not hesitate to see me. 

Hours:  MWF 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m., MW 12:00 noon-2:00 p.m.

Office:  TLC 2230

Phone:  678-839-4743



4.  Book List:  The books listed below should be available in the book store.

            Plato                The Trial and Death of Socrates

            Plato                The Republic

            Aristotle           Nicomachean Ethics

            Boethius          On the Consolation of Philosophy

            Descartes         Meditations on First Philosophy

            Nietzsche         On the Genealogy of Morals

Camus             The Fall



8/20                 Introduction to philosophy in general:  What is philosophy?

8/22                 Introduction distinction between philosophy and sophistry

8/24                 Plato    Apology in The Trial and Death of Socrates (1st reading quiz)

8/27                 Apology

8/29                 Plato    The Republic Book VI (2nd reading quiz)

8/31                 The Republic Book VI


9/3                   Labor Day—No Classes

9/5                   The Republic Book VII 

9/7                   Republic Book VII

9/10                 Aristotle           Nicomachean Ethics  Book I

9/12                 Nicomachean Ethics  Book I

9/14                 Nicomachean Ethics  Book II

9/17                 Nicomachean Ethics  Book II

9/19                 Boethius          Consolation of Philosophy Ch. 1 (3rd reading quiz)

9/21                 Consolation Ch. 1 & 2

9/24                 Consolation Ch. 2& 3

9/26                 Consolation Ch. 3 & 4

9/28                 Consolation Ch. 4 & 5


10/1                 Consolation Conclusion

10/3                 MIDTERM EXAM

10/5                 Descartes         Meditations I (4th reading quiz)

10/8                 Meditations II 

10/10               Meditations II 

10/12               Meditations III (Last day to withdraw with grade of W)

10/15               Meditations III

10/17               Meditations III

10/19               Nietzsche         On the Genealogy of Morals Essay 1 (5th reading quiz)

10/22               Genealogy of Morals Essay 1

10/24               Genealogy of Morals Essay 1

10/26               Genealogy of Morals Essay 2

10/29               Genealogy of Morals Essay 2

10/31               Genealogy of Morals Essay 2


11/2                 Dr. D. away at a conference.  Class cancelled.

11/5                 Camus The Fall Chapters 1-2 (6th reading quiz)

11/7                 The Fall Chapters 1-2

11/9                 The Fall Chapters 3-4

11/12               The Fall Chapters 3-4

11/14               The Fall Chapters 4-5

11/16               The Fall Chapters 4-5

11/19-11/24     Thanksgiving Break

11/26               The Fall Conclusion

11/28               Concluding discussion of course themes

11/30               Concluding discussion/review session


Final exam is Wednesday, December 5, 2012 8:00 a.m.