Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2100 – Honors

Professor Donohoe

Spring 2005


1. Learning Outcomes:  The aim of this course is to examine critically the major philosophical theories of the ancient and medieval periods of history.  We will examine important primary philosophical texts; explore metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical questions and how they have changed through the centuries.  By the end of the semester each students will be able to:



2. Requirements:  To achieve the above goals will require a new way of reading and thinking.  We will not just read the texts, but we will question and challenge the texts thereby questioning and challenging our own beliefs and thought processes.  The requirements for the class are fivefold.


            a) attendance and class participation                               10%

            b) 5 response papers on texts (600 word minimum)          20%

            c) in-class midterm exam                                               20%

            d) one 1500-2000 word paper                                         25%

            e) in-class final exam                                                     25%



In order to meet these requirements it will be necessary to attend class regularly and to do the assigned reading.  It will be evident if you have not done the reading and this will not be beneficial to your success in this class.  Papers absolutely will not be accepted after the due date unless you have discussed it with me prior to the due date.


3.  Availability:  I am available outside of class during office hours, or by appointment.  If there are questions or problems do not hesitate to see me. 


hours:  M, W, F 9:00-11:00am

office:  TLC 2250

phone:  678-839-4743



4.  Book List:  The books listed below should be available in the book store.  Anything not listed here will be placed on reserve in the library.


            Plato                 The Trial and Death of Socrates

            Plato                 The Republic

            Aristotle            Nicomachean Ethics

            Boethius           The Consolation of Philosophy

            Descartes         Meditations on First Philosophy

            Kant                 Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals

            Nietzsche          On the Genealogy of Morals

            Camus              The Fall

10                     Introduction to philosophy in general:  What is philosophy?

12                     Plato     The Apology  (1st response paper due)

14                     The Apology

17                     MLK Day—No Classes

19                     The Apology

21                     Plato     The Republic Book VI

24                     The Republic Book VI

26                     MLK Day--No Classes!

28                     Republic Book VII

31                     Republic Book VII


2                      Aristotle            Nicomachean Ethics  Book I (2nd response paper due)

4                      Nicomachean Ethics  Book I

7                      Nicomachean Ethics  Book II

9                      Nicomachean Ethics  Book II

11                     Nicomachean Ethics  Book VIII

14                     Nicomachean Ethics  Book VIII

16                     Nicomachean Ethics

18                     Boethius  Consolation of Philosophy  Book I

21                     Consolation of Philosophy Book I&II

23                     Consolation of Philosophy Book II&III

25                     Consolation of Philosophy Book III&IV

28                     Consolation of Philosophy Book IV&V


2                      Midterm Exam

4                      Descartes         Meditations on First Philosophy  (3rd response paper due)

7                      Meditations I&II

9                      Meditations II

11                     Meditations III

14                     Meditations III

16                     Kant     Grounding of the Metaphysics of Morals (4th response paper due)

18                     Grounding Section I

21-25                Spring Break

28                     Grounding Section I (Paper topics due)

30                     Grounding Section II


1                      Grounding Section II 

4                      Nietzsche On the Genealogy of Morals (5th response paper due)

6                      Genealogy

8                      Genealogy

11                     Genealogy

13                     Genealogy

15                     Camus The Fall

18                     The Fall

20                     The Fall

22                     The Fall  (paper due)

25                     The Fall

27                     The Fall

29                     The Fall


2                      Review

Final Exam will be scheduled during finals week.