PHIL 4385
Feminist Theories
Dr. Janet Donohoe


1.  Learning Outcomes:  The aim of this course is to examine critically the central arguments of various feminist theories.  We will explore what it means to have a feminist approach to philosophical problems of epistemology, identity, morality, freedom, and human nature.  In revealing the presuppositions of theories, we will be in a position to regard the problematic principles of essentialism and exclusion from a more informed standpoint.  By the end of the semester students will be able to:

2. Requirements:  The requirements for the class are fourfold.

a)  attendance and class participation  20%
c)  in-class midterm exam   20%
d)  One 2100-3000 word paper  30%
e)  oral final exam    30%

In order to meet these requirements it will be necessary to attend class regularly and to do the assigned reading.  It will be evident if you have not done the reading and this will not be beneficial to your success in this class.  Papers absolutely will not be accepted after the due date unless you have discussed it with me prior to the due date.

3. Availability:  I am available outside of class during office hours, or by appointment.  If there are questions or problems, do not hesitate to see me.

Hours:  M, W, F  11:00-12:00 noon, 3:30-5:00 pm.
Office:  Humanities 148
Phone:  770-836-6512

4. Book List:  The books listed below should be available in the book store.  The articles listed will be available in a course packet in the book store.

Genevieve Lloyd The Man of Reason: 'Male' and 'Female' in Western Philosophy
Simone deBeauvoir The Second Sex
Judith Butler  Gender Trouble
Carol Gilligan  In a Different Voice
Naomi Wolf The Beauty Myth
bell hooks "Feminism: A Transformational Politic"
Patricia Hill Collins "The Social Construction of Black Feminist Thought"


23 Introduction and themes of the course
25  Early Feminism.  DeBeauvoir The Second Sex
30  Second Sex
1 Second Sex
6 Labor Day--No classes!
8  Second Sex
13  Second Sex
15  Feminism and Rationalism.  Lloyd The Man of Reason
20  Man of Reason
22  Man of Reason
27  Psychoanalytic and Gender Feminism. Gilligan In a Different Voice
29  In a Different Voice
4 In a Different Voice
6  In a Different Voice
11  In a Different Voice
13  In a Different Voice
18  Feminism and Identity. Butler Gender Trouble
20  Gender Trouble
25  Gender Trouble
27  Gender Trouble
1 Gender Trouble
3 Feminism and Race.  bell hooks "Transformational Politic"
8  "Transformational Politic"
10  "Transformational Politic"
15  Patricia Hill Collins "Social Construction"
17  "Social Construction"
22  Feminism and the Body.  Naomi Wolf The Beauty Myth
24-26 Thanksgiving, No classes!
29  The Beauty Myth
1 The Beauty Myth
6  The Beauty Myth
8  Review

Final exam to be scheduled during exam week December 11-17.