Introduction of presenters

I’m Janet Gubbins -- mainly provide faculty support, training, and help maintain all of the data and conduct assessments on our DE courses.
I’m Christy Talley, I am the student support specialist. I also serve as a software trainer of sorts for faculty mainly in HorizonLive and WebCT secondary to Janet.
- We’re in the middle of a SACS substantive review, trying to get approval for 3 full programs to be accredited as “distance” programs

- Also, preparing for university-wide SACS visit in 2004…

As the distance education specialist in charge of student support, Christy Talley will tell you what all we did before the visit and what new support services we’ve had to offer, in order to get up to SACS standards…

Tell them you’re in middle of SACS – or actually winding down some