This java applet - "RSatellite" was created by J. Hasbun by modifying the original version of ProjectileNSatellite version of Fu-Kwun Hwang with Easy Java Simulation (Ejs) from Francisco

The program's purpose is to simulate a satellite as launched from earth. The equations of motion are determined according to: Fnet = -GME m/r2+R(v) + u*dm/dt, where the first term is due to the gravitational attraction due to Earth, the second term is the resistive force associated with air resistance from Earth's atmosphere, and the last term is the thrust from the rocket's burning gas. Here, we obtain R from R(v)=-0.5cPAv2, where P is the air density as a function of height z given as P(z)=Poexp(-m*g*z/KT). In the last term in the force equation; i.e., the thrust, contains the exhaust gas speed u and the rate of change of the rocket's mass. To solve the problem we let, dx/dt=vx, dy/dt=vy, dm/dt=mass rate constant, dv x /dt=Fx/m, and dvy/dt=F y/m. In the simulation, the initial values of vx and v y can be change, as well as the friction coefficient c, the exhaust gas speeds ux, uy, and the mass rate constant . The density of the air, P, as well as the height from earth's surface is shown at the bottom.