Recent Publications and Presentations:

Paulson, Susan and Lisa L. Gezon, eds. (2005) Political Ecology, Across Spaces, Scales and Social Groups. Rutgers University Press.


Gezon, Lisa L. (in production) [Title may change] Forests and Fields, Cattle and Caves: A Political Ecology of Conservation, Conflict, and Control in Northern Madagascar. Under contract with AltaMira Press, for the series Globalization and the Environment, edited by Rick Wilk and Josiah Heyman.

Paulson, Susan, Lisa L. Gezon, and Michael Watts (2003) “Locating the Political in Political Ecology: An Introduction.” Human Organization 62(3): 205-217.

Gezon, Lisa L. and Susan Paulson, eds. (2003) “Locating the Political in Political Ecology” Human Organization 62(3). Guested edited special issue.

Gezon, Lisa L. (2003) “The Regional Approach in Northern Madagascar: Conservation after the Integrated Conservation and Development Project.” In Contested Nature: Power, Protected Areas and the Dispossessed–Promoting International Conservation with Justice in the 21 st Century. Eds, S.R. Brechin, P. R. Wilshusen, C. Fortwangler, and P. C. West. SUNY Press. Pp. 183-194.

Gezon, Lisa L. 2002. Marriage, Kin, and Compensation: A Socio-Political Ecology of Gender in Ankarana, Madagascar. Anthropological Quarterly 75(4): 675-706.

Gezon, Lisa L. (2000) The Changing Face of NGOs: Structure and Communitas in Malagasy Conservation and Development. Urban Anthropology andStudies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development 29(2): 181-215.

Gezon, Lisa L. (2000) "Women, Politics and Economics: Case studies from the Ankarana Region" Taloha 13: 239-260, a journal published in Madagascar, guest edited by Sarah Fee.

Gezon, Lisa L. and Benjamin Z. Freed. (1999) “Agroforestry and Conservation in Northern Madagascar: Hopes and Hindrances.” African Studies Quarterly 3(2). Included in a volume guest edited by R. Marcus and C. Kull entitled “The Politics of Conservation in Madagascar.”

Gezon, Lisa L. (1999) “Of Shrimps and Spirit Possession: Toward a Political Ecology of Resource Management in Northern Madagascar.” American Anthropologist 101(1): 58-67.

Gezon, Lisa L. (1999) “From Adversary to Son: Political and Ecological Process in Northern Madagascar.” Journal of Anthropological Research 55: 71-97.

Gezon, Lisa L. (1997) "Institutional Structure and the Effectiveness of Integrated Conservation and Development Projects: Case Study from Madagascar." Human Organization 56(4): 462-470.

Gezon, Lisa (1997) Book Review Feminist Political Ecology: Global Issues and Local Experiences Rocheleau, D., Thomas-Slayter, B., and Wangari, E., eds. American Anthropologist 99(3): 644.

Gezon, Lisa L. (1997) "Political Ecology and Conflict in Ankarana, Madagascar." Ethnology 36(2): 85-100.

Gezon, Lisa L. (1995) "Analysis of the framework of natural management institutions in Madagascar." Report submitted to the UNDP/GEF.

Gezon, Lisa L. (1995) "Rapport sur les lecons tires des projets de conservation de la biodiversite a Madagascar (Report on lessons learned from biodiversity conservation projects in Madagascar)." Report submitted to the UNDP/GEF.

Kottak, L. Gezon and G. Green. (1994) "Deforestation and biodiversity preservation in Madagascar: The view from above and below." (CIESIN kiosk, code number 94-0005. Available on the internet at

Recent Presentations

Paper Presentation with co-author, Benjamin Z. Freed. (11/05) “ The Elephant and the Blindfold: Challenging Myths of Deforestation Through Collaborative Research in Madagascar.” American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.

Paper presentation, Society for Applied Anthropology, Santa Fe NM (4/05) “Qat in Madagascar: Production, Conservation, and the Politics of Consumption.”

Invited lectcure (2/04) “Ethnicité et mondialisation: Destitution royale et productions d’aquaculture à Madagascar/ Ethnicity and Globalization: Royal Upheaval and Aquaculture in Madagascar.” Université Paris X- Nanterre, Department of Anthropology.

Paper Presentation, Society for Applied Anthropology, Portland, OR (3/03) “Grassroots Empowerment or Bold Intrusion?: The Politics of Research and Representation in Senegal’s Peanut Expansion.”

Paper Co-Author: Benjamin Blount and Lisa L. Gezon, Society for Applied Anthropology, Portland, OR (3/03) “Social Ecology and Cultural Models of Citizen Knowledge of Water Issues on the Georgia Coast ( USA).”

Session Co-Organizer and Chair, American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, LA (11/02). “Cultures of Nature in an Era of Globalization.”

Paper Presentation in above Session, “Commodity Chains of Ecotourism: Hierarchy, Marginalization, and the Emergence of New Localities in Northern Madagascar.”

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