1. Attendance Policy:


            Number of absences allowed:

                        2 day classes:             2 absences

                        3 day classes:             3 absences


Students missing 1 more class (after the allowance) will receive a 1/2 letter grade penalty (-5 points) deducted from their final course grade.


Students missing another class after this will be required to turn a 15 page research topic (topic determined by teacher) on a related topic.


If a student experiences a legitimate emergency (infirmary, death or sickness in family), then written verification is required.


If (because of an emergency) the student is absent on a speech or exam day-- the teacher must be notified in advance (not the secretary) and student must talk directly to teacher.


2. Minimum of 4 graded speeches to be given each quarter.


3. Library Tour (conducted by library personnel) for students at the beginning of each quarter.


4. At least 1 speech during the quarter will be videotaped. Students will provide their own tape.


5. Standardized penalties for speeches not within time limits:


            Over or under time (up to 1 minute) -5 points

            Over or under time (by more than 1 minute) -8 points

            Over or under time (by 2 minutes or more) -10 points


6. Minimum of 2 exams must be given.


            *A final (written) exam must be given.