Theatre Requirements
Last updated: January 23, 2004
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Core Area F--Major-Specific Courses (18 Hours)
      THEA 1100: Theatre Appr. OR 
      XIDS 2100: Interdisc.Arts & Ideas (3) 
      Foreign Language: 2001-2002(6) 
      THEA 2290: Stagecraft(3) 
      THEA 2291: Acting I(3) 
      1000-or-2000 level course(3)

                      Requirements for the Major

     THEA 1111: Production and Performance (1) 
     THEA 2111: Production and Performance (1) 
     THEA 2214: Concepts in Theatre Design (3) 
     THEA 3392: Acting II (3) 
     THEA 3394W: Directing (WAC) (3) 
     THEA 3214: Scenography (3) 
     THEA 3111: Production and Performance (1) 
     THEA 3357: Theatre History (3) 
     THEA 4111: Production and Performance Capstone (3) 
     THEA 4412: Acting III (3) 
     THEA 4415W: Playwriting (WAC)(3) 
     THEA 4457W: Modern and Contemporary Drama (3) 
     THEA 3290: Costume Design 1 (3)

     Theatre Electives--Choose one of the following: (3 hours) 

THEA 4188: Shakespeare (3)
     THEA 4486: Internship (3-6) 
     THEA 4485: Special Topics (3-6) 
     COMM 3356: Film and Culture (3) 
     Other Electives: Choose any course outside of the major 

     Minor - 15-18 hours

     Requirements and restrictions specific to the Theatre Major:
        a. All students choosing to major in theatre must hold a 2.5 gpa before taking any
            3000-4000 level class 
        b. In addition to the required course work and expectations, all theatre majors 
            will be required to participate in an exit interview presenting a performance
            audition and/or portfolio presentation 
        c. External evaluation of theatre majors will be conducted by Georgia Theatre
            conference and/or The American College Theatre Festival 
        d. Recommended minors for the B.A. in Theatre are: Anthropology, Art, Art
            History, Classical Studies, English, French, German, History, Latin, 
            Marketing,  Mass Communications, Philosophy, Political Science, 
            Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Spanish, Speech, Women's Studies 

                         Requirements For a Minor in Theatre
        Minor 15-18 hours
          THEA 1111, 2111, 3111: Production & Performance (3) (1 hour each)
          THEA 2291: Acting I (3)
          THEA 2290: Stagecraft (3) 
          THEA 3357 or THEA 4457: Theatre History or Theatre History II (3)

          Electives: (6)

               Must be 3000-4000 level THEA courses, choose two.