University of West Georgia    FALL 2002


Course:                       MATH 1111- 04, College Algebra - 3 semester hours


Course Description:   This course is a modern view of algebra that incorporates the use of appropriate technology with an emphasis on functions, and solution sets for equations and inequalities.  PREREQUISITE: NONE.


Course Objective:      The student will become familiar with functional notation and basic graphing techniques.  Emphasis will be placed on the study of functions, and their graphs, including quadratic, piecewise defined, rational, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions.  Appropriate applications will be included, to give a real world perspective. 


Instructor:                  Mr. Jim Bellon    office phone: 770) 836-4353


Office  & Hours:         Boyd building, room 330

Mon/Wed 8-9am, 2-3 pm, and 4:30-5:30 pm

Fri 2-3 pm.  Other hours by appointment.


Class Meets:              MWF   10:00 – 10:50 a.m.         Room 305 Boyd Building

                                    The classes will consist of lectures, presentations, and/or group work sessions.


Text:                           Precalculus, by Robert Blitzer, 2001.

A graphing calculator is required, preferably the TI-83.


Grading:                      There will be 4 class session tests (100 pts each), 1 project (100 pts), a comprehensive Final exam (150 pts), 8-10 quizzes (best 6 will count for 15 pts each, totaling 90 pts), and 60 class points (defined below). This totals 800 points.  Final grades will be determined as follows:

                                                                        720 and up ( 90% and up )                 A

                                                                        640 – 719    ( 80% to 89% )               B

                                                                        560 – 639    ( 70% to 79% )               C

                                                                        480 – 559    ( 60% to 69% )               D

                                                                        479 and below ( 59% and below )      F


Project:                       Group project (1 to 3 students) requiring some research and calculation, to be handed in by November 11th.  Description will be handed out at a later date.


Quizzes:                      Expect about 1 quiz every week lasting about 10-15 minutes (except during a test week).  Date and topics will typically be announced the week before.


Homework:                 Homework will be assigned for each textbook section.  They will periodically be collected and checked for effort.  Collected HW will count towards class points.


Class Points:               The purpose of the class points is to reward students for effort and not be based on math performance.  Class points can be obtained as follows:  1 pt for each day present when attendance is taken.  5 pts for each collected HW.  5 pts for each group work completed in class.


Final Exam Date:        Friday, December 13th   8:00 – 10:00 a.m.


Attendance Policy:     Students are expected to attend class and complete all work when assigned. A student’s grade will not be directly affected by absence. However, the student is responsible for all material covered and assignments due whether present or not.

I was not here” is NOT a valid excuse for missing or late assignments.


Last Date to Withdraw:          Thursday, October 10th

The class starts with material from chapter 2.  You are expected to be familiar with and skilled at working problems that you will find in the Preliminary section and Chapter 1.  You should review that material and try some problems.  If you have trouble with these, you need to put in the necessary time to catch up with the class, or you should think about whether you are in the correct course.


                                                                                                Tentative dates


2.1        Lines and Slope                                                                         week 1


2.2        Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Circles                               week 2


2.3        Introduction to Functions                                                            week 2


2.4        Graphs of Functions                                                                   week 3


2.5        Transformations and Combinations of Functions              week 4


2.6        Composite and Inverse Functions                                               week 5


3.1        Quadratic Functions                                                                   week 6


3.2        Polynomial Functions and Graphs                                               week 6


3.3        Dividing Polynomials                                                                  week 7


3.4        Zeros of Polynomials                                                                 week 7


3.5        More on Zeros of Polynomial Functions                                      week 8


3.6        Rational Functions                                                                     week 8


4.1        Exponential Functions                                                                week 9


4.2        Logarithmic Functions                                                                week 10


4.3        Properties of Logarithms                                                            week 10


4.4        Exponential and Logarithmic Equations                                       week 11


4.5        Modeling with Exponential and Logarithmic Functions                  week 12


8.1        Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables                            week 13


8.2        Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables                          week 13


8.4        Systems of Nonlinear Equations in Two Variables                       week 14


8.5        Systems of Inequalities                                                              week 15


8.6         Linear Programming                                                                week 16



There will be an in class exam after each chapter is finished, with a review session just before the exam.