Section 02 MWF: 9-8:50 AM T: 9:30-10-20 AM


Dr. Sharp, BB 328


Text: Precalculus , by Blitzer


Calculator Requirement: TI-83 (or equivalent) is required. CALCULATORS THAT ARE TOO POWERFUL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.


Chapters and Sections: Chapter Sections Covered

2                     1-6

3                     1-5

4                     1-5

5                     1-8

6                     1-3 and 5

7                     1-3 and 5

8                     1-2 and 6


Learning Outcomes:


  1. An understanding of functions and how to graph functions
  2. An understanding of operations on functions including function composition
  3. An understanding of polynomial and rational graphs, including intercepts and asymptotes
  4. An understanding of how to find the zeros of polynomials and factoring polynomials
  5. An understanding of inverse functions and how to find them graphically and algebraically
  6. An understanding of the properties of exponential and logarithmic expressions and
  7. An understanding of how to solve exponential and logarithimic equations
  8. An understanding of how to find the values of the trig functions from right triangles and circles.
  9. An understanding of the graphs of the trigonometric functions
  10. An understanding of how to prove trigonometric identities
  11. An understanding of how to use sum, difference, double angle and half angle formulas
  12. An understanding of how to solve triangles using the law of sines and law of cosines
  13. An understanding of polar coordinates and graphs
  14. An understanding of how to solve a system of linear equations


MATH 1113-01-(FA 2002)


I. HOMEWORK: Specifically assigned homework problems will be discussed in class and simulated on exams. There will be no memorized problems, and homework will not be taken up for a grade. However, occasionally selected homework problems may be taken up to check format and notation only--not for a grade. IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE COURSE WITHOUT DOING HOMEWORK ON A DAILY BASIS. PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES DURING CLASS!!


III. ATTENDANCE: Roll will be taken daily.
i. ABSENCES: 0 - 7 Acceptable; 8 EXCESSIVE ( "WF" )
ii. TARDIES: 2 Tardies = 1 Absence

IV. PROFESSOR: DR. SHARP, BB 328; E-MAIL: PHONE:770-836-4356 (MY OFFICE) or 770-836-6489 (MATH DEPT) OFFICE HOURS: M,W,F: 10:00-11:00 AM T: 8:50-9:30 AM , 10:20-11:00 AM,12:00 NOON - 1:00 PM M,W: 12:00 NOON - 1:30 PM AND BY APPOINTMENT