COURSE :                                          MAT 3003 - Discrete Structures

                                                                         Section 01W-MWF, 12:00-12:50 PM


PREREQUISITE:                                           MATH 2644  ("C" or better assumed)


PROFESSOR:                                               Dr. Sharp, BB 328


TEXT:                                                  A TRANSISTION TO ADVANCED                                                                                              MATHEMATICS(5th EDITION)

                                                              by Smith/Eggen/St.Andre                                                                                  

CHAPTERS AND SECTIONS:                   Selected topics from Chapters 1-7

                                                                        Plus possible supplementary handouts            



MATH 3003-01W-(12-12:50 PM)-MWF-(FA 03)


     Specifically assigned homework problems will be discussed in class and simulated on exams.  There will be no memorized problems, and homework will not be taken up for a grade.  However, occasionally selected homework problems may be taken up to check format and notation only--not for a grade.  IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE COURSE WITHOUT DOING HOMEWORK ON A DAILY BASIS.


(1)  MAJOR TESTS:  There will be three or four major tests during the semester (USUALLY ON WEDNESDAYS [MAY OVERLAP MONDAYS OR FRIDAYS]) which will account for 400 of the possible 600 daily points in the course.

(2)  WRITING TO COMMUNICATE:  A term paper consisting of at least 5 and at most 8 typed double-spaced pages [NOT COUNTING FIGURES OR GRAPHS] using a 12-point font with 1 inch margins will be required on a topic chosen from an approved list in consultation with the professor.  The term paper must include a Bibliography with at least three references, must have a Title/Cover Page, and must be turned in in a binder.  The term paper will be evaluated on content, form, grammar, and spelling and should represent a sustained effort on the part of the student.  The following time frame will be applied:

(a)  On or before Monday, September 15:  Select your topic. (5 pts.)

(b)  On or before Monday, October  6:  Turn in your outline. (5 pts.)

(c)  On or before Monday, October 27:  Turn in your rough draft

       [at least 3 typed pages]. (5 pts.)

(d)  On or before Monday, November 17:   Turn in your term paper. (85 pts.)

Your grade on the term paper will account for 100 of the possible 600 daily points in the course.


A.  JOURNAL/NOTEBOOK WRITING:  A Reflective Journal on the lectures will be required.  Periodically, these journals will be collected, examined and graded by the instructor for content, form, grammar and spelling.  The cumulative grade on the Reflective Journal will account for 50 of the possible 600 daily points in the course.

B.  INFORMAL WRITING ACTIVITIES:  Periodically, timed in-class writing exercises and/or  short-answer/essay quizzes will be administered.  There will always be at least one classday's prior notice of each quiz. You may drop your lowest quiz grade.  The cumulative average on the remaining quizzes will account for 50 of the possible 600 daily points in the course.

(4)  COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAMINATION:  A comprehensive final examination will be given on Wednesday(12/10/03) at 11:00 AM-1:00 PM.   Your grade earned on the final exam will account for 300 of the 900 total available points for the semester.

            Your final course grade will be determined as follows.  The total possible number of points available for the course will be 900 (600 from the daily work and 300 from the comprehensive final examination).

TOTAL POINTS EARNED                                   FINAL COURSE GRADE

810-900                                                                                             A

720-809                                                                                             B

630-719                                                                                             C

540-629                                                                                             D

Below 540                                                                              F


(III)    ATTENDANCE:  Roll will be taken daily.

                       (1)  ABSENCES:                             0 - 5   Acceptable

                                                                                  6   EXCESSIVE  ( "WF" )

                       (2)  TARDIES:                                  3 Tardies =  1 Absence



             The last day to withdraw with a "W" is October 9.



          DR. SHARP, BB 328;        E-MAIL:

           PHONE:770-836-4356 (MY OFFICE) or 770-836-6489 (MATH DEPT)

           OFFICE HOURSM,W,F:  10:00 AM-12:00 NOON 

                                                      T:  8:50-9:30 AM and 10:20-11:00 AM

                                                M,W:  12:50 -1:30 PM

                                                          AND BY APPOINTMENT