MATH 4153/5153 - Applied Mathematical Modeling


Instructor:      Dr. A. Boumenir

Location:        Monday, Wednesday 5:30-6:45, Boyd 305

Office:             Boyd 316

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 13:00 -14:00 and 15:30-17:20

                        Also by appointment

Phone: 770-836-4348



Text:               A course in Mathematical Modeling

 by D. Mooney and R. Swift,

                        Published by the Mathematical Association of America


Prerequisite: Math 1634

Objective:       An introduction to the creation and use of mathematical models, (L1, L2).  Mathematical techniques will be developed and applied to real systems in areas including chemistry, biology, physics and economics (L3, L8). Students will be expected to make written and oral presentations in a professional manner (L13, L15).

This course will emphasize the creation and testing of models and discussions of errors and forecasting (L11).  Students will work on projects singly (L4). We shall also focus on the Problem Solving aspect of modeling and use of computer Labs with Maple to enhance understanding and computational skills. (L8)


Evaluation:     Students evaluation is based

Projects                       200     

Presentation               200     

Test                             300                             

                        Final                            200


Tests               24th September, 29th October and 24th November.

Final                Monday Dec 8th 2003.





Attendance:    8 absences lead to WF.