MATH 3353

Methods of Applied Mathematics

Fall Semester 2004




          Michele L. Joyner

            Mathematics Department

Office: Boyd 309

Phone: 770-836-3506


Office hours: Mon.: 11:00-12:00, 2:00-3:00;

        Wed.: 11:00-12:00, 2:00-2:30;

        Thurs.: 11:30-12:30, 1:30-2:00;

        Fri.: 11:00-12:00;

        and by appointment.

Course Description:


This course will examine the Laplace transform with applications to initial value problems; Sturm-Liouville Theory and eigenfunction expansions; solutions of boundary value problems using separation of variables, fourier series and transform methods.


Learning Outcomes:


¨       Use the Laplace transform and Fourier transform to solve initial value problems and boundary problems for linear partial differential equations. (L4,L8)

¨       Use separation of variables and fourier series to solve boundary problems for linear partial differential equations. (L4,L8)

¨       Use separation of variables, Sturm-Liouville Theory, and eigenfunction expansions to solve boundary problems for linear partial differential equations.  (L4,L8)



Advanced Engineering Mathematics, by Peter V. O'Neil, Fifth Edition. We will cover

Chapters 3, 13 – 17 (not all sections).


Prerequisites: Math 3303


Requirements and Grading:

¨       Exams: There will be five take-home tests worth 100 points each. Below are the tentative test dates:

Test 1: Given: Friday, September 10;  Due: Wednesday, September 15

Test 2: Given: Friday, October 1;  Due: Wednesday, October 6

Test 3: Given: Friday, October 22;  Due: Wednesday, October 27

Test 4: Given: Friday, November 12;  Due: Wednesday, November 17

Test 5: Given: Thursday, December 9;  Due: Thursday, December 16

No test grades will be dropped. 

¨       Homework: This is an important part of the course. There will be no homework assignments to be handed in. However, at the end of most classes you will be given a list of problems – these are the minimum that you should work. Some of these problems will be gone over in the next class session. Practice is important. You should make sure to set aside some time every class day to work problems.



¨       Grading: My grading scale is very straightforward. The final letter grade will be an average of all take home tests and determined by the following scale:

A(excellent) = 90-100%

B(good) = 80-89%        

C(adequate) = 70-79%    

D(poor) = 60-69%           

F(dismal) = 59% and below 

NoteI reserve the right to add additional assignments to be calculated into

the grade.


Attendance Policy:


Students are expected to attend every class. If you miss a class for whatever reason, including academic activities, you are responsible for the material covered in the class and the assignments/announcements made during the class period. Although excessive absences are not penalized, students who attend regularly will be rewarded. For students who have 0 absences, the student will have a total of 2 points added to their final grade. Any absence, excused or not, will count as an absence except for absences due to activities affiliated with the university. For those students who miss 1 class, the student will receive a total of 5 points added to their lowest test grade. For those students who only miss 2 classes, the student will receive 3 points added to their lowest test grade. If a student misses 3 classes or more, no rewards will be given. If a class is missed, the student is responsible for all material and assignments. The class attendance sheet will be passed around when the class begins. Those students late to class will not be allowed to sign the attendance sheet until the end of the class period. Two tardies will count as one absence.




Students with documented disabilities (through West Georgia’s Disability Services) will

be given all reasonable accommodations.  Students must take the responsibility to make

their disability known and request academic adjustments or auxiliary aids.  Adjustments

needed in relation to test-taking must be brought to the instructor's attention well in

advance of the test (at least one week prior). 


Academic honesty:


                Students are expected to achieve and maintain the highest standards of academic honesty

            and excellence as described in the Undergraduate Catalog and Uncatalog. In short, be

            responsible and do your own work. Instances of academic dishonesty will be handled



Other Important Dates:


            Last day to withdrawal with grade of W is October 14.