MATH 3003




FALL 2005



Instructor:      Dr. B. Landman

Section:           01

Class Times:  T, R 3:30-4:45

Office:             310 Boyd

Office Hours: T,R 2:30-3:30,  4:45-5:00, or by appointment

Phone: 678-839-6489

Textbook:       A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, Sixth Edition, by Douglas Smith, Maurice Eggen, Richard St. Andre

Prerequisite:  MATH 2644



Grading Procedure :


There will be four 50-minute tests, a cumulative final exam, and 12 short

quizzes. The final grade for the course will be determined as follows:


Quizzes                  20%

3 Highest Tests     50%     

Final Exam           30%


Grading Scale:  A: 89-100  B: 78-89  C: 67-78  D: 56-66  F: 0-56


Test and Quiz Policy:  The lowest of your four 50-minute test scores will be dropped.

Your two lowest quiz scores will be dropped. There will be no make-up tests or quizzes.

If one test is missed, this will be considered as the test with the lowest score, and will be

the test that is dropped.  A second (or more) missed test will be given a grade of F.

Missed quizzes get a grade of 0 out of 10, up to two of which will be dropped


Homework:     Homework will be assigned during each class meeting. It is to be completed by the next class meeting.  Although homework will not be collected or graded, it is ESSENTIAL to your success in the course that

                        you do the homework regularly, and on time. Part of each homework assignment is to read the corresponding material in the text.


Other:             It is strongly recommended that you allow at least six hours each week, outside of class, for homework and study (more would be better).


Important Dates:     September 13, Tuesday:  Test 1

                                    October 6, Thursday:  Test 2

                                    October 13, Thursday: Last day to withdraw with grade of W

                                    October 27, Thursday: Test 3

                                    April 22, Monday:         Test 4

                                    May 1, Wednesday        Final Exam





Section            Exercises


1.1                                      1a-h, 2-9,11

1.2                                      1-6,8-13,14a-g

1.3                                      1-7,10,12

1.4                                      2-4,5a,b,c,6,7,10

1.5                                      2,3a,b,d,e,f,6,12

1.6                                      1,2a,b,3,5a-g,7a-f,8

1.7                                      1a,b,3,11c,d,e

2.1                                      1-19 (read solution to 18 in back of book)

2.2                                      1-7,8a,c,e,g,i,k,o,9b,c,d,14,15,17

2.3                                      1a-h,2a-h,3,4,9,10,12,17,20

2.4                                      1,2,5a,c,6a,b,c,8a-f,k,l,9a,b,14a,b,c,f

2.6                    1-4,6,10,11,14

3.1                                      1,2,4,5,6a-e,8,9,10,20a-e

3.2                                      1,4a,c

4.1                                      1-5

4.2                                      1,3

4.3                                      1a-h,2