MATH 4513

THURS 5:30-8:00, 304 Boyd



Instructor:       Scott Sykes

Office:             314 Boyd

Office Hours:  Monday 10:00-12:00, 3:15-4:15

                        Wednesday 10:00-12:00, 3:15-4:15

                       Thursday 1:00-2:30, 4:00-5:30

                        or by appointment

Office Phone:  836-4346



Prerequisite: MATH 2853 and 3003

Course Description: The first course in a comprehensive, theoretically-oriented, two-course sequence in linear algebra. Topics include abstract vector spaces, subspaces, linear transformations, determinants, and elementary canonical forms.



Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Understand vector spaces, subspaces, and dimension
  2. Understand what it means for a set of vectors to be linearly independent, spanning and a basis in a vector space
  3. Understand Inner Product Spaces
  4. Understand linear transformations
  5. Understand and compute determinants from a computational and theoretical standpoint.
  6. Relate topics taught in this course to the Georgia high school standards.



TEXT: Elementary Linear Algebra, Kohlman-Hill (8th edition)



TESTS: There will be exams on September 21, October 26 and November 30. Each will count 100 points towards your final grade.



FINAL: The final is December 7 at 5:30-7:30. It counts 200 points towards your final grade and will be comprehensive.



HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned each week and collected the following week. Each assignment is worth 15 points. You will lose 3 points for each day it is late. You may count a maximum of 200 points towards your final grade.

CLASS: In class, time will be spent working on and thinking about proofs. You must be willing to be active in these activities. You MUST contribute your thoughts and be willing to go to the board and work on proofs and problems. If you miss more than 1 class, you will lose 10 points for each class missed. In addition, if you are not working on the assigned activity or not fully participating, I will take points off your overall grade.


GRADES: Your grade will be determined based on the following formula


                        TESTS                     300 points

                        FINAL                                    200 points

                        HOMEWORK                       200 points                  


TOTAL                      700 points


                        POINTS          GRADE

                        630-700           A

                        560-629           B

                        490-559           C

                        420-489           D

                        0-419           F


If you ever have any questions or suggestions, feel free to come by my office at any time. I will definitely be there during my office hours, you can just stop by. You can also stop by or call to see if I am there at other times.




DATE             SECTION      


8/17                 Review and 3.1

8/24                 3.2, 3.3

8/31                 3.4, 3.5

9/7                   3.6, 3.7

9/14                 Finish Ch 3

9/21                 TEST # 1

9/28                 4.3, 4.4

10/5                 4.4, 4.5

10/12               5.1, 5.2

10/19               5.3, 5.5

10/26               TEST # 2

11/2                 6.1,6.2

11/9                 6.2, 6.3

11/16               6.4,6.5

11/23               THANKSGIVING

11/30               TEST # 3

12/7                 FINAL