Course Syllabus Fall 2006

Course Number: MATH 4713

Course Title: Probability and Statistics for Teachers

Hours Credit: 3 hours

Prerequisites: MATH 2703

Instructor: Varies (multiple sections)

Instructor Office Hours: Varies (at least 10hrs/week)

Course Description: (Non-credit for mathematics major or minor.) Special emphasis for teachers of grades P-8. Broadens understanding of the fundamental concepts of probability and statistics with particular attention to specific methods and materials of instruction.

Topics: data; types of variables; describing and comparing distributions; measures of center; measures of spread; correlation; experiments, outcomes, and sample space; calculating simple probability, conditional probability, marginal probability, joint probability, and odds; complementary events; independent and dependent events; mutually exclusive events; combinations and permutations; binomial probability distribution

Text: Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data and Fathom, Key College Publishing, 2001. Authors: Rossman, Chance, & Lock

Learning Outcomes: Students should be able to demonstrate:

  1. an understanding of standard vocabulary and symbols associated with probability and statistics;
  2. a better understanding of fundamental concepts in probability and statistics, including the organization of data, numerical descriptive measures, discrete random variables and their probability distributions, and continuous random variables and the normal distribution;
  3. a better understanding of appropriate strategies for teaching mathematics concepts at the P-8 level; and
  4. a better understanding of the uses of a variety of manipulatives and other materials for the P-8 level.

Grading Methods: Tests, Quizzes, Final Exam, Homework; Percentages to be determined by the instructor.

Grading Scale: