Instructor:         Gloria Kittel


Phone Numbers:      770-459-6570 Home-No calls after 9:30 PM, please

                    770-830-2183 Office-room 312


Office Hours:       M,W,F 8:30-9:00, 11:00-11:50; M,W 2:00-3:30

                    Th 10:30-12:30, 1:30-2:30; other times by appointment              


Prerequisites:      None; however, a graphing calculator and basic

                    skills in using it are required


Attendance:         Regular attendance is expected; for 5 or fewer

                    absences 2 points will be added to the final grade.

                    To be counted present the student must be in the

                    classroom when roll is called.  This may be at the

                    beginning or at the end of class.


Homework:           Assigned every class meeting; test questions are

                    based on homework problems.


Evaluation:         Four tests at 100 points each

                    Four quizzes at 35 points each

                    Final exam at 200 points


                    NO MAKEUP TESTS OR QUIZZES-the lowest quiz grade

                    and the lowest test grade will be dropped.  The

                    grade for any additional missed tests or quizzes

                    will be zero.  The only exceptions to this policy will

                    be for absences due to scheduled school activities

                    when proper documentation has been provided or if

                    there are extreme extenuating circumstances, such as a

                    death in the family.  The instructor will decide these

                    situations on a case by case basis.


Tentative Schedule: Jan. 6   1st class              Mar. 26  Quiz 3

                    Jan. 27  Quiz 1                 Mar. 31  Test 3

                    Jan. 31  Test 1                 Apr. 21  Quiz 4

                    Feb. 21  Quiz 2                 Apr. 25  Test 4              

                    Feb. 26  Test 2                 Apr. 28  Last class                

                    Feb. 27  Last day to withdraw   May 2    Final exam



As a matter of common courtesy to your classmates and to the

instructor you are expected to be on time for class and to remain

until class is dismissed.  Please turn off your cell phone before

entering the classroom. 


Learning Outcomes

  1. An understanding of how to solve inequalities including absolute value inequalities
  2. An understanding the equations of circles and lines and using these to graph
  3. An understanding of functions and how to graph functions
  4. An understanding of operations on functions including function composition
  5. An understanding of polynomial and rational graphs, including intercepts and asymptotes
  6. An understanding of how to find the zeros of polynomials and factoring polynomials
  7. An understanding of inverse functions and how to find them graphically and algebraically
  8. An understanding of the properties of exponential and logarithmic expressions and
  9. An understanding of how to solve a system of linear equations