Text:Precalculus, by Robert Blitzer. A graphing calculator is required.The instructor will be using a TI83.


Prerequisite:MATH 1111 or consent of department.

Instructor:Mrs. Jean Johnson


Office:326 Boyd Building


Office Hours: 11:00-12:30, 3:30-4:30,and by appointment


Telephone:Office:838-2578†† Home:(256) 820-0386


E-mail: sjohnson@westga.eduand


Course Objectives:The student will be taught how to find the values of the trig functions from right triangles and circles, the graphing of trigonometric functions, the derivations of trigonometric identities, how to use the sum, difference, double angle and half angle formulas, the inverse trigonometric functions, solving problems involving right triangles, solving trigonometric problems using the Law of Sines and Cosines, graphing polar equations, and applications involving conics-the parabola, the ellipse, and the hyperbola.Applications of the mathematics learned to solving real world problems will be addressed.


Evaluation Policy:Students will be given four 100 point exams, and a comprehensive final exam which will count 150 points.The students will be assigned homework problems and classroom problems which may be graded.The students may also be given pop tests in class on homework problems.The total points from homework, classroom problems and pop tests will be 100 points.This is a total of 650 points for the semester.


Grading policy:A studentís grade will be determined by dividing the number of points earned by the total points possible.If the student is absent on a test day and contacts me before the scheduled exam and the absence is excusable(emergency or illness), the test can be made-up on Thursday April 24 from 3:15-4:30 or the final exam score will be substituted for the missed exam.Do not schedule a doctorís appointment on a test day as this is not excused. This applies to one test only! No make-up test will be given for pop tests.Homework points which are missed cannot be made up.If for any reason a student has to leave the room during an exam, the exam has to be turned in and cannot be completed.Students are to turn off cell phones during class.


Attendance Policy:In this course each topic builds on the previously learned material.Therefore, in order to be successful in this course, regular class attendance is very important.