MATH 1413 Survey of Calculus

Spring Semester 2003




          Michele L. Joyner

                Mathematics Department

Office: Boyd 309

Phone: 770-836-3506


Office hours: Mon., Wed. 11-12, 2-3; Thurs., Fri. 11-12; and by appointment


Course Description:


                This course will provide a survey of the differential and integral calculus of polynomial, rational,

                exponential, and logarithmic functions with an emphasis on applications to problems from

business, economics and life sciences.


Learning Outcomes:


¨       The student will be able to compute limits. (LI)

¨       The student will be able to differentiate polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions. (LI)

¨       The student will be able to apply differential calculus to problems from business, economics, and life science. (LI)

¨       The student will be able to integrate polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions and to apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. (LI)

¨       The student will be able to apply integral calculus to problems from business, economics, and life science. (LI)

¨       The student will understand the basic techniques of integration. (LI)




Armstrong / Davis, Brief Calculus: solving problems in business, economics, and the social and behavioral sciences Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2003.




                Math 1111 (College Algebra) or Math 1113 (Precalculus)


Requirements and Grading:


¨       Exams: There will be four 50-minute tests worth 100 points each. Below are the tentative test dates:

Test 1: Friday, January 31

Test 2: Wednesday, February 26

Test 3: Wednesday, April 2

Test 4: Friday, April 25

No test grades will be dropped; however, a student may replace their lowest test grade with their final exam grade if their final exam grade is higher.


¨       Final Exam: There will be one comprehensive final exam worth 200 points:

Section 3 (12:00-12:50 p.m.): Wednesday, April 30, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Section 4 (1:00-1:50 p.m.): Friday, May 2, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

¨       Quizzes: There will be at least ten 10 minute quizzes of which the highest eight quiz grades will be averaged, converted to a 100 point basis and counted as a fifth test. The quizzes will be announced one class period before the period in which the quiz is given. In general, past experience has shown that if you take the quizzes seriously, they will have beneficial effects on your final grade.


¨       Homework: This is an important part of the course. There will be no homework assignments to be handed in. However, at the end of most classes you will be given a list of problems – these are the minimum that you should work. Some of these problems will be gone over in the next class session, and the quizzes will be very similar to assigned homework problems. Practice is important. You should make sure to set aside some time every class day to work problems.

¨       Grading: My grading scale is straightforward. The total percentage for the tests, quizzes and final exam are given below.

Tests: 60% total (15% each)

Quizzes: 15% total

Final Exam: 25% total

The final letter grade will be determined by the following scale:

A(excellent) = 90-100%      

B(good) = 80-89%               

C(adequate) = 70-79%           

D(poor) = 60-69%   

F(dismal) = 59% and below 




No make-up quizzes will be given except for travel affiliated with official university activities. In these instances, the student must make-up the quiz prior to the next class period. Except in extreme circumstances, any missed exam must be made up within one week of the day the exam was given. There must be a reasonable excuse for missing the exam and the excuse must be in writing.


Attendance Policy:


Students are expected to attend every class. Although excessive absences are not penalized, students who attend regularly will be rewarded. For students who have 0 absences, the student will have a total of 2 points added to their final grade. Any absence, excused or not, will count as an absence except for absences due to travel affiliated with the university. For those students who miss 1 class, the student will receive a total of 5 points added to their lowest test grade. For those students who only miss 2 classes, the student will receive 3 points added to their lowest test grade. If a student misses 3 classes or more, no rewards will be given. If a class is missed, the student is responsible for all material and assignments. Remember quizzes cannot be made up and do count as a test grade.




Students with documented disabilities (through West Georgia’s Disability Services) will be given

all reasonable accommodations.  Students must take the responsibility to make their disability

known and request academic adjustments or auxiliary aids.  Adjustments needed in relation to test-

taking must be brought to the instructor's attention well in advance of the test (at least one week


Academic honesty:


                Students are expected to achieve and maintain the highest standards of academic honesty and

                excellence as described in the Undergraduate Catalog and Uncatalog. In short, be responsible and

                do your own work. Instances of academic dishonesty will be handled accordingly.


Other Important Dates:


            Last day to withdrawal with grade of W is February 27.






Proposed Course Schedule:


Date                                        Sections                                                                Date                                        Sections

(M)         January 6                                1.1, 1.2, 1.3                                             (M)         March 10                                5.1-5.3

(W)               January 8                                1.3, 1.4, 1.5                                             (W)          March 12                                5.4

(F)                 January 10              1.7, 1.8                                                    (F)           March 14                                no classes


(M)              January 13              2.1                                                           (M)         March 17                                Spring Break

(W)               January 15              2.1                                                           (W)          March 19                                Spring Break

(F)                 January 17              2.2                                                           (F)           March 21                                Spring Break


(M)              January 20              MLK holiday – no classes                      (M)         March 24                                5.4

(W)               January 22              2.3                                                           (W)          March 26                                5.5

(F)                 January 24              2.4                                                           (F)           March 28                                5.5


(M)              January 27              2.4                                                           (M)         March 31                                Review

(W)               January 29              Review                                                    (W)          April 2                    Test #3

(F)                 January 31              Test #1                                                    (F)           April 4                    6.1


(M)              February 3              2.5                                                           (M)         April 7                    6.1

(W)               February 5              2.5                                                           (W)          April 9                    6.3

(F)                 February 7              2.6                                                           (F)           April 11                  6.4


(M)              February 10            2.6, 2.7                                                    (M)         April 14                  6.4

(W)               February 12            no classes                                                (W)          April 16                  6.5

(F)                 February 14            2.7                                                           (F)           April 18                  6.5


(M)              February 17            3.2                                                           (M)         April 21                  6.6

(W)               February 19            4.1                                                           (W)          April 23                  Review

(F)                 February 21            4.1                                                           (F)           April 25                  Test #4


(M)              February 24            Review                                                    (M)         April 28                  Review   

(W)               February 26            Test #2                                                    (W)          April 30                  Sect. 3 Final Exam

(F)                 February 28            4.2                                                           (F)           May 2                     Sect. 4 Final Exam


(M)              March 3                  4.3

(W)               March 5                  4.4

(F)           March 7                  4.4