Math 3063 Applied Statistics

Spring 2003

Professor Dr. Karen H. Smith

Text Statistics 9th edition by James T. McClave and Terry Sincich


Description : This course is a non-calculus based introductory statistics course in which descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals are studied. Basic coverage of regression and analysis of variance will be included. A TI 83 calculator will be used as well as a statistical software package. This course is specifically for Mathematics majors and has prerequisites of Math 1111 or Math 1113.


Learning Outcomes


The student will demonstrate a knowledge of statistical concepts such as descriptive and inferential statistics, random variables, and hypothesis testing. (L5, L7)


The student will demonstrate an understanding of statistical tests and the appropriate use of these tests. (L9, L11)


The student will apply knowledge of statistical concepts in analyzing data either through statistical tests or statistical methods. (L14)


The student will use the graphing calculator or statistical software in analyzing statistical data. (L12)


Material and approximate schedule

Chapters 1,2,3 Exam 1 Jan. 23

Chapters 4, 5, 6 Exam 2 Feb. 18

Chapters 7, 8,9 Exam 3 Mar. 13

Chapters 10,11,12 Exam 4 Apr. 17


There will be approximately 8 quizzes given throughout the semester with the top 5 counting as 20% of the final grade in the course.

Approximate schedule for the quizzes

Jan. 14 Jan. 30 Feb.6 Feb. 13 Mar.4 Mar. 27 Apr. 3 Apr.10

No makeup exams or quizzes will be given.


Grade in course

3 exams ( Notice the lowest exam grade is dropped) 60%

1 quiz average 20%

Final Exam 20%


Important dates Feb 27 Withdraw with a W

May 1 Thursday 11- 1 p.m. FINAL

Mar. 17 21 Spring Break