Math 4113 A Technological Oriented Survey of Statistics

Text : A Minitab Guide to Statistics

By: Ruth Meyer and David Krueger

Professor Karen H. Smith

Office Boyd 313

M, W 10 12:00 p.m.

Office Hours Tu,Th 10 12:30 p..m.


Course Description : This course involves the extensive use of the statistical software Minitab. Familiar topics of statistics, such as graphing, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, regression, and analysis of variance are studied using Minitab. This allows for in-depth analysis and assessment of typical statistical results used in industry and academic research.


Learning Outcomes

Students will classify different data types and use appropriate graphical techniques, and statistical tests for the different data types. (L5, L7, L9, L11)

Students will demonstrate the ability to use the software Minitab in graphing, selecting samples, conducting statistical hypothesis tests, and forming confidence intervals . (L12)

Students will interpret the results of statistical tests involving one sample data and those of two-sample data. (L5, L7, L9, L11)

Students will be able to develop regression models. (L11, L12)

Students will conduct analysis of variance tests. (L11, L12)



Data types

Data description: graphical and numerical

Discrete distributions: Binomial and Poisson

Continuous distributions: Normal and Exponential

Sampling and the Central Limit Theorem

One sample hypothesis testing and confidence intervals

Two sample hypothesis testing and confidence intervals

Regression: simple linear and Multiple

Analysis of Variance

Process and quality control


Nonparametric tests



3 exams 60%

Assignments 20%

Final 20%


Assignments Approximately 10 computer assignments will be required during the course. These assignments are to be done individually and handed in before class on the due date. No assignments will be accepted late.


Approximate Schedule

Jan. 7, 9 Chap.1 Introduction to Minitab, entering and displaying data

Jan. 14, 16 Chap.2, 3 Manipulating and describing data

Jan. 23, 25 Chap 4 Graphical Techniques

Jan. 28, 30 Exam 1, Chap 5 Binomial, Poisson, Normal and Exponential

Feb. 4, 6 Chap.6 Sampling, Central Limit Theorem

Feb.11,13 Chap 7 Single sample confidence intervals, hypothesis testing

Feb.18,20 Chap.8 Inferences based on 2 samples

Feb.25, 27 Review and Exam 2

Mar 4, 6 Chap 9 Simple Linear Regression

Mar. 11, 13 Chap. 10 Multiple regression

Mar. 25, 27 Review and Exam 3

Apr. 1, 3 Chap.11 Analysis of Variance

Apr. 8, 10 Chap.12 Process and Quality Control

Apr. 15, 17 Chap. 15 Categorical Data Analysis

Apr. 22, 24 Review


Important Dates

Feb. 27 Last day to withdraw with W

Mar. 17- 21 Spring Break

Apr. 24 Last day of Class

May 6 Tue. 11:00 1:00 p.m. Final