SPRING 2003      COLLEGE GEOMETRY        MATH 5233

Tuesday & Thursday

306 Boyd Building

5:30-6:45 PM


Instructor: Dr. David Leach

Office:     317 Boyd

Phone:      (770)836-3502

Web Page:   http://www.westga.edu/~cleach

email:      cleach@westga.edu

Office hours: See schedule


Text: Geometry: Axiomatic Developments with Problem Solving, by Earl Perry.


Prerequisite: MATH 3003.  This course will rely heavily on logic,

theorem-proving and other topics developed in that course.  You should not

enroll in this course unless you have taken MATH 3003.


Grading Policy:

Assignments: 25%  Some homework assignments will be graded. (see below)

Tests:       50%  Three tests will be given throughout the semester.

                  They will be announced at least one week in advance.

Final:       25%  The final exam will be comprehensive.

Total:       100% 90\% earns an A;80\% earns an B;70\% earns an C;60\% earns an

                  D;less than 60\% earns an F.\\


Learning Outcomes:


It is expected that a student completing MATH 5233 will understand

1. Logic, reasoning, and argument patterns. (L2)

2. Axiomatic systems and their properties. (L2)

3. The finite geometries of Young and Fano. (L14, L10)

4. The axiomatic foundation and development of plane geometry. (L14)

5. The properties of some non-Euclidean geometries. (L10, L14)

6. Finite Projective and Affine Planes (L10, L14)

7. Combinatorial Designs (L10, L14)




Homework will consist primarily of reading the text and working exercises. 

Occasionally, assignments may involve supplementary material.  Some homework

assignments will be collected and graded.  On the graded assignments, you

may discuss the problems with each other, but each person must write up

his or her own solutions and turn them in.  Graded homework will usually

consist of problem sets.  After assignments are turned in, I will check them.

If a problem is incorrect, I may assign partial credit or ask you to redo it.


I will not work the problems for you, but I will be available during my office

hours to answer general questions concerning the problem sets.


Important Dates:

January 6-8 : Drop/Add and late registration

February 27 : Last day to withdraw with a grade of W

March 17-21 : Spring Break

April 24    : Last day of class

May 6       : Final Exam 5:30-7:30 PM (Tuesday)