Course 4213/5213: Introductory Statistics

Spring 2006

Contact Details: Ayona Chatterjee, Room 306, Boyd Building


Office Phone # 678-839-4142

Course Number: MATH 4213/5213

Course Title: Mathematical Statistics II

Hours Credit: 3 hours

Prerequisites: MATH 4203 / 5203

Course Description: A continuation of MATH 4203, including sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression, analysis of variance and nonparametric tests.

Topics: Sampling distributions, various hypothesis testing scenarios will be looked at. Introduction to concepts of efficiency, consistency, sufficiency and robustness will be considered. Also regression and correlation and simple design of experiments methods will be studied.


Text: Mathematical Statistics with Applications (Seventh Edition)

Author: John E. Freund

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be familiar with various hypothesis testing scenarios. The knowledge of the sampling distributions will help in understanding Design of Experiments. Students will be able to apply regression techniques to various problems. Important concepts in point estimation will also be covered.













Chapter 8: Sampling Distributions

All sections


Chapter 10: Point Estimation

All sections


Chapter 13: Tests of Hypothesis Involving Means, Variances and Proportions

All sections


Chapter 14: Regression and Correlation

14.1 Introduction

14.2 Linear Regression

14.3 The Method of Least Squares

14.4 Normal Regression Analysis (if time permits)

14.5 Normal Correlation Analysis (if time permits)


Chapter 15: Design and Analysis of Experiments

15.1 Introduction

15.2 One-Way Designs

15.3 Randomized-Block Designs

15.4 Factorial Experiments (if time permits)


Chapter 16: Nonparametric Tests

All sections



80%   best of (4 exams + homework)

20%   final


Approximate Test Dates:

Test 1: 25th Jan

Test 2: 15th Feb

Test 3: 13th March

Test 4: 17th April

Grading Scale:

  • A= 85-100%
  • B= 75-84%
  • C= 65-74%
  • D= 55-64%
  • F= below 55%