Tuesday & Thursday

301 Boyd, 3:30-4:45

Instructor:  Dr. Amin Boumenir

Office:     321 Boyd

Phone:      (678)839-4131

Email:      boumenir@westga.edu

Office:      Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:00 to 14:00 or by appointment   

Textbook:    Foundations of Geometry, by Venema, Prentice-Hall 2002.

Prerequisite: MATH 3003. This course relies heavily on logic and proofs.


Learning Outcomes:

It is expected that a student completing MATH 4233 will understand

1. Logic, reasoning, and argument patterns. (L2)

2. Axiomatic systems and their properties. (L2)

3. The finite geometries of Young and Fano. (L14, L10)

4. The axiomatic foundation and development of plane geometry. (L14)

5. The properties and applications of non-Euclidean geometry. (L10, L14)


Topics:            We shall cover chapters: 1: Euclid’s Elements, 2: Axiomatic systems for geometry; 5: The Axioms of the plane; 6: Neutral Geometry; 7: Euclidean geometry; 9: Area; 10: Circles;

11: Constructions, 12: Transformations, 13: Models.


Tests:     There will be 3 class tests and counts 100 points each. The dates are Thursdays February 8th, March 15th and April 19th.


Grading Policy:


Quizzes:          100 The best five quizzes are counted.

Tests: 300 Three tests will be given throughout the semester.

Final: 200 The final exam will be comprehensive.

Total: 600

Grades:         F<360<=D<420<=C<480<=B<540<=A <600


Important Dates:


March 1     :     Last day to withdraw with a grade of W

March 19-23  :     Spring Break

April 26   :     Last day of class

May 3        :     Final Exam 2:00-4:00 (Thursday)