Math 4843/5843

Introduction to Sampling

Spring 2007

Professor Dr. Karen H. Smith

Office Boyd 313

Phone 678-839-4124

Office Hours M,W 3:10 - 4:10

T, Th 11:00 - 12;30 , 2:00 4:00

Text Sampling Methods for Applied Research by Peter Tryfos


Course Description


This course is designed as an upper undergraduate or a graduate class in applied sampling. Students will do exercises and report on cases used in the text. An intuitive understanding of sampling concepts as well as sampling methodology will be the main focus. A prerequisite of the basic concepts of introductory statistics are needed.


Learning Objectives

The student will be able to apply sampling methods including simple random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, and multistage sampling.


The student will be able to analyze a research problem and determine a method or methods to be used for sampling


The student will be able to apply sampling methods appropriately to find common sample statistics such as a sample mean and standard deviation.


Tentative Schedule

Chapters 1,2 Exam 1 Feb. 5

Chapter 3 Exam 2 Mar. 5

Chapter 4,5 Exam 3 April 9

Chapter 7 Exam 4 April 30


Problems will be assigned throughout the semester to be handed in. The problems will not be accepted late. They will count as 20% of the course grade.


Important Dates No Class Jan. 15

Mar. 19

Last day for W Mar 1

Spring Break Mar19 -23

Final April 30