Math 1111: College  Algebra


Instructor:      Dr. A. Boumenir

Location:        Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00-1:45, in Boyd 301



Office:             MP 316

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-12:00

                        Also  by appointment

Phone: 770-836-4348



Text:               PreCalculus (5th edition) by Sullivan


Objective:       This is a first course in Algebra where students are taught basic algebraic skills, real world applications of mathematics and problem solving.  In class we shall cover most of the chapters 2-4 and 10.


Tests:              There will be 3 in class tests, 100 points each, given on Fridays:

                         June 28th, July 12th and July 26th.


Quizzes           A weekly quiz will also be given on Fridays and will mainly cover questions from the homework. Each quiz counts 20 points towards your final grade and the best 5 Quizzes are counted.

Final Exam:    The final exam is Friday August 2nd 10:00am-12:00pm and counts 200 points towards your final grade. 

Evaluation:     Tests               300 points

                        Quizzes           100 points      

                        Final                200 points

Grades:           600-540:          A        

                        539-480:          B

                        479-420:          C

                        419-360:          D

                        360-000:          F


Attendance:    8 absences   lead to WF.

W Deadline:  July 3rd is the last day to withdraw with grade of W.



Ask questions, feel free to stop by the office at any time during office hours or make an appointment to see me.