Math 2063 Summer 2002

Professor: Dr. Karen H. Smith

Office: Boyd 313 Phone 836-4345 e-mail:

Tcxt: Elementary Statistics, 8"' ed R.Johnson and P. Kuby, Duxbury Press

Calculator: A graphing programmable calculator is required for this course. A TI-83 is recommended.

Homework and Quizzes: Problems will be assigned from each section covered. These problems will be beneficial in your understanding the material. The problems will not be collected but will be discussed as time permits. Each class meeting, a short quiz will be given with the exception of the first class meeting and the days that Exams are given. These quizzes will cover the material of the previous class meeting. The quiz will be given at the beginning of the class, after questions have been answered. Quizzes cannot be made-up. A total of 10 quizzes will be given and the 2 lowest grades will be dropped. This will include any missed quiz.

Exams: Two exams will be given and a final. Make-up exams will be given only in extreme situations. All make-up exams must be requested from the instructor in advance of the original exam, and excuses must be documented.

Project: During each class meeting, time will be allowed for groups to work on problems in the text. The problems are to be handed in as a group effort. The assigned grade will be for each one in the group. Members of the group will be evaluated by their fellow group members at the end of the term. The groups will be assigned by the professor. The problems will be accumulated and handed in as a project. The project will be organized with each weeks problems stapled together as 1 unit, 1 problem per page. The cover page will have the signatures of the participants in the group on a weekly basis.


Grading: Quizzes (top 8 averaged together) 25%

Exam 1 (June 25) 20%

Exam 2 (July 16) 20%

Final (Aug 1) 20%

Project (July 25) 15%


Important Dates: July 3 Last day to withdraw with a W

July 4 No class

Aug 1 Final Exam


Tentative Schedule

June 11 Chapter 1 and 2

June 13 Chapter 4 Section 1-5 Quiz 1

June 18 Chapter 4,5 Section 4.6, 4.7, 5.1-5.3 Quiz 2

June 20 Chapter 5,6 Section 5.4, 5.5, .6.1-6.4 Quiz 3

June 25 Exam l Chapter 7 Section 7.1-7.3

June 27 Chapter 8 Sections 8.1,8.2 Quiz 4

July 2 Chapter 8 Sections 8.3-8.5 Quiz 5

July 9 Chapter 9 Section 9.1,9.2 Quiz 6

July 11 Chapter 10 Section 10.1-10.3 Quiz7

July 16 Chapter 10 Exam 2 Section 10.4

July 18 Chapter 3 Section 3.1- 3.3 Quiz 8

July 23 Work on Project

July 25 Chapter 13 Section 13.1-13.3 Quiz9 Project Due

July 30 Chapter 13 Section 13.4-13.6 Quiz 10

Aug 1 Final